Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy Day Baseball~

Saturday was a rainy day of baseball!

Noah did a AWESOME job with the bat!

The girls had lots of friends to play with and plenty of pine cones to collect from under the trees!

I had to miss Nick's game as it was at the same time different place. Dad and I will have to swap off. The schedule is like that all season!

I did get to go to my oldest sons double header on Friday! He is playing JR high ball and is on a select team! The sun was out for his game and I got the cutest pictures of the girls picking mini daisies!

Today I will be out to finish planting my garden! We tilled the ground this weekend..after baseball(and between the rain showers).
I will post about the cool thing that happened to me after I rented the tiller from the garden place! I can tell you though....GOD IS GOOD!

......after one more cup of coffee its off to the garden...then into a hot shower. The weather here is cold and over rain yet! I pray it will hold off until I'm done outside!

Have a Blessed and Productive day!

Tomorrow I have MOPS in the morning and its my tables turn to cook so I might have to post late!


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