Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Celebrating Goes On~

The past few days have been beyond busy and I have not had time to post or read other blogs! With the sun showing its beautiful face more and more, the out doors have been calling my name!

Thursday-Saturday's Busy Events....

Jackie's Birthday Dinner
Snack for Jackie's pre-school
Nick's orchestra concert
Lunch with Auntie (to celebrate Jackie's B-day)
MOPS bunco nite out
Baseball games then team pictures
Gardening...planting more seedlings,weed and water
Saturday Mass with Arch Bishop residing
Backyard BBQ (at 8pm) dinner is always good!

Of course there is the daily:
3 loads of dishes
3 loads of laundry
3 meals to cook
Baths,diapers changes,stories to read and decluttering!

Well I have had a very blessed and FULL I'm off to bed!

I pray all of you are having a productive weekend!


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