Sunday, May 24, 2009

Many Hats!

My computer is still throwing fits! I hear that the problem is coming from the blogger end of things. It is not my computer or any thing I or my girls(as I was suspecting)did to it!
Its a miracle that I was able to keep my blog on and from going to a white screen so I could post today. My Garden Gate blog is the only one of my 3 that has been effected with difficulties.
It took me 5 attempts to keep my blog from going to a white screen. When I go to post this,it will probably not let my view my blog.
Then the frustrating cycle seems to begin again! Its not just my blog that has been doing this, a few other have reported the same difficulties!
I pray it gets resolved soon once and for all!

Many Hats.....

I have been wearing many hats being the mother of 6 and wife to one. Cooking,cleaning, keeper of the clothes, teaching,chauffeur,listener,helper,entertainer,gardener,
scraped knee fixer and the list goes on!

There are baths to give,diapers to change,kiddos to snuggle,stories to read,naps to give....and take(boy that sounds good)

The kiddos are nearing the end of school so there will be one last violin concert for Nick(9),a bike parade for Jackie(4) and many other field trips and parties at school with the rest of my arrows!

I have a busy schedule for the next few months.
We have out of town family coming to visit this summer,a messy house that needs cleaned before they get here,camp outs to attend,2 VBS (vacation bible school) to attend and volunteer,a bridle shower to through for my sister and a her wedding to attend at the end of summer!

We have baseball,BBQ's,trips to the lake for swimming and using our boat!
There are berries to pick in our secret mountain spot by the pond!
There are zoos and a wild life park to go to.....we are members of both.
There are beaches,street fairs,farmers markets and antique shops to see.
The list goes on and on!

I have a garden to tend and swimmers to watch in the backyard pool! (with a toddler and a 4yr old plus ALL the other kiddos,I will be like a hawk out there....and not in at the computer.)
There is sweet tea and lemonade to drink and a few books to read!

There are things to paint and home improvements to do while the weather is nice!

There are sunsets to see, night stars to watch,bikes to ride and walks to take!

With much to do and a blog that does not always work correctly I will be in and out with my postings. I only have about 20 or so minutes each day for the computer.
It might be hard for me to read all my friends blogs. But I'm still here and will visit when I can....I love you all!

I am taking time to slow down for what is important like....tea or coffee with a friend! Conversation with those I love! Picnics with other families. Prayer with Jesus and church on Saturday.(we now go to Saturday 5:00pm).
Relaxation and quality family time on Sunday!

So many hats to wear so little time!

My comments go to my email so if you are able to view my blog and want to say hi! Please do!


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  1. It sounds like a busy, fun Summer up ahead. I'm so glad to be at this point. I thought I'd stop by to see how you are doing. Thought of you and the "skater down" post when we went to Sonic last week. "Skater down" still makes me laugh. That and your dog getting "saved" in your front yard.

    I'll have to read below and catch up. Enjoy your Summer!


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