Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking Time To Regroup.....

Well I'm back and the wedding went great! (I will post pics next week)
It was so fun to see everyone and get to visit...we all stayed at the Best Western! The family booked 17 rooms! With many bunking together to share expenses. It was quit the POW WOW!
I've been home for only 2 days but my uncle Cy and his son(11ys) followed us home from our trip to the wedding/family reunion. So we had impromptu house guests to entertain for a few days. We took them to the wildlife park near our house and they left this morning. It was a JOY to have them....Uncle Cy lives in Canada and is my favorite uncle! He is ssssooo COOL! I hope to go up to Canada for a visit this fall!

I now must pack up to go on a 2 day boyscout camping trip with our family of 8!
We leave tomorrow! Pack....unpack.....pack.....eeekkkk!

Next week things will hopefully slow down a bit so I can post pics of the wedding and other stuff as well as post my 1 yr. blog anniversary giveaway!

I pray all is well with everyone!


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