Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roasted Corn.... Fresh From The Garden~

The corn in my garden did not get to big but the ears got mature enough to eat!
I planted 5 kinds of corn but have no idea what was what when we ate bad!
One of them was really good but I don't know what kind it was!? Lesson learned!

I planted Bodacious,Honey Sweet,Spring Treat,White Pearl and a Ruby Red!

I put some corn seeds here then some there....the crows got some seeds and the chickens got some, so I put some more corn seeds there then get the point! This was my learning year!

What is your favorite corn?

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Happy Harvesting to all!



  1. Hi asked about the shelf you seen on my blog. In the picture it's standing up. In our kitchen it's laying on it's side. It goes along the wall and under a kitchen window. Hope that helps explain.

    Isn't this time of the year great. I love harvesting from the garden. That corn looks yummie!!

  2. Sweet corn - summer's best treat!!

  3. I long to have a garden again but I am SO bad at it! I kill things. I am terrible. I just can't keep a plant alive for anything! I will try again as soon as I have a summer where I don't have a newborn or am not pregnant. ;) It gets way too hot here to have a newborn or a preggo mama out there in the hot sun!
    My Daddy loves to garden. Growing up he almost always had one. I remember he grew some Bodacious sweet corn one year and it was DELICIOUS! :)

  4. Haha, you should see my garden post! Our corn was little bitty, lol. It was a learning year for us for sure!


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