Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Wedding In The Blackberry Meadow!

Our current family picture!
My hubby and youngest daughter having a peacful moment outside!

In case this is your first time to my blog little sister just got married and ALL my kiddos (and my brothers kiddos)were in or got to help with the wedding! There are a few post about the festivities!

Noah was the official bubble boy....he handed out the bubbles and programs!
Olivia was a very tired flower girl!

My hubby and oldest son fighting with....I mean trying to pin on the boutonniere! (trying to spell it was just as hard,thank goodness for spell check!)
A princess can't be with out her white gloves! or Crown!
Olivia and Jackie were the cutest flowers girls!

Nick was the ring bearer.....the rings were pinned onto the sun flower!

Jarett,Jacob and Noah in line for cake! Don't they look just handsome?
I still have a few more pictures of the wedding I might share later in the week!
Don't forget there is still time left to enter my ends Sept.7 @ midnight!
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  1. What a beautiful wedding!! So glad you had a good time!!!

  2. How beautiful! Your kiddos are adorable!

  3. I love your family photo. I only see one frown - lol. It reminds me of our Christmas photo growing up there is always something funny about one of us. Beautiful wedding!


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