Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nothing Better Than.....

coffee and visiting with family!

These past few weeks have been just awesome!
We have had a lot of family in town to visit with on the account of my sisters up coming wedding. Much of the family(relatives) has left town (here) to travel to the wedding site a few hours away.
Many more relatives have been arriving from back east(PA),up from California and down from Canada to watch the BIG event!
I can hardly wait to travel down to the wedding site and see the rest of my Aunts,Uncles,cousins and their kids! My mom is from a family of 9! Many of my Aunts and Uncles had 3-6 kiddos each that are now grown and have there own kids!

Well there is much to do and a car to pack up so we can join the rest of the relatives for coffee and visits!



  1. You are right coffee and visiting is one of the best things in life. Enjoy this wonderful time with your family - wedding are so fun!!!


  2. Just FINALLY getting time to catch up on your blog. You know things are hectic when you don't have time to be reading friends blogs!! :-)

    And I also finally had time to update my blog yesterday. Hoping that I won't have to go so long between posts again!!

    Your garden is beautiful and I am blessed by your enthusiasm!!

    Your children look gorgeous in their fitting picture with your sister!! I don't think that I've seen all of them in one picture with the exception of the sidebar picture. I'm sure that you're like me and have an enormous amount of trouble getting them in one place at the same time!! :-)

    I hope to not be such a stranger now!!

  3. Hello, Georgiann!
    I have given you an award, but you must go to my blog to see it! :)
    Hope you love I love your blog and prayers for you and yours!


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