Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garden Beef Stew~

These two beautiful and very talented girls of mine were so excited to gather the veggies from our garden on their quest to make Garden Beef Stew!
In the garden they found carrots (of many colors) some potatoes,tomatoes,bell pepper,zucchini,onion and a few herbs.....parsley, thyme and oregano!
I also added a sweet potato and some celery...from the store;(

They looked so cute trotting across the yard with there full baskets of vegetable finds!

Clean and chop all the veggies! Put in a big pot and stir......add 1 box of French Onion stock,
some tomato paste and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce (War sauce)......

Brown up some stew meat and add some flour to use as a thickener!
Put veggies and meat together and cook all day! (I usually start off using my crock pot for this kind of thing but my counters were full) I then HAD to get it out because my cast iron pot was not big enough! Messy Messy!

You can't have Garden Beef Stew without homemade bread!Here is Olivia keeping a close eye on the bread going in the bread maker I bought from our neighbors garage sale for only $5.00! (I already have one but wanted another) With a large family one bread maker was just not enough and now 2 kiddos can help without bickering! (I think Olivia calls the new one) hee heeI also bought a battery powered lantern for $1.00 and the batteries still work! I'm ready for winter when the power goes out!

Thanks for coming by!
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  1. Will have to try all of this! Yummy, lady! Thank you for sharing.
    Listen, you have such precious little ones..are you "into" the whole vaccination mess...I hope you are hearing the latest about the "swine flu" stuff..are you? I'm not trying to be nosey and I've a good feeling that you are not going for all of the hype, but I that is the only reason I bring it up can delete this topic comment if you wish. Prayer and keep me filled with hope of lovely things and I am blessed being able to come here and daydream..if nothing else. God bless, Suzanne

  2. ~~~A~W~E~S~O~M~E~~~!!!!! All of those gorgeously colored carrots make my heart just skip a beat!! And those delicious little girls are fabulous too!! And the bread...!! I'm thinking I'm coming to your house for a visit!! Ha Ha!!

    Doesn't everything taste better in cast iron??? We only have one little non-stick skillet (for eggs and the occasional lone burger) and flat square skillet for pancakes that I keep replacing when the coating starts coming off. Other than that it's all cast iron, stainless steel, crockery, and glass.

    Too bad I'm stuck here in my office!! I'm itchin to go home and grab my littles and sweet talk them into making me some stew too!! Giggle!!

    You go girl!!


  3. I grew heirloom carrots last summer... the purple ones are just fabulous and so good for you. I have not used non-stick pans for years. I use stainless steel and cast iron cooking pots and ceramic pie dishes. I returned to making bread by hand when I lost the blade for the bread machine! I also make sourdough loaves which do not work out in the bread machine. I see bread machines for sale in lots of garage sales!

  4. Hi Ann~
    Thanks for coming by!
    I have not made my oun sourdough yet...I have a few recipes for the start but just have not gptten to making it!
    I love my bread machines because you can just have the kiddos layer in the stuff and it bakes up automaticlly yummy every time. We can go on a field trip or homeschool and not have to fuss with it!
    My kiddos so love to help!

    Did you grow a garden this year?
    What did you grow?

    This was my first year having a big garden! We had a blast with it!


  5. Dear Georgiann, You have beautiful babies! I have enjoyed your blog very much. I have just visited here after you commented on my blog "Along the Garden Path". sorry it took me so long to reply. Isn't a great joy to live our lives within the capacities that our Great Lord created us for? May He continue to bless you and your family. Kathryn Skinner

  6. Oh, yummy yummy!! What a delicious garden harvest!! I've been picking lots from our garden too. And homemade bread is the best!!!

  7. What cute little gardeners/cooks you have there!
    Ooooh I can SMELL the bread and stew from here! *drool*
    Now you have made me decide to bake bread this week. I don't have a bread machine but I have a cobalt blue Kitchenaid mixer which will knead it for me deliciously! ;) I do wish I had a wheat grinder though... Bread is even more delicious with freshly ground flour!


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