Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loyal Friend Blog Award~

I wanted to thank Suzanne from Suzanne's Shorelines for giving me a Loyal Friend award!
Suzanne is a real sweet lady that comes to my blog and gives me nice comments! She was the one that gave me my first blog award last fall! Suzanne has been a great blog friend and made my first year of bloggin' special!
Every ones blog is great in one way or the other!
Blog awards are just a way of giving a pat on the back to a friend or encouraging blog.
A way to let a fellow blogger know you enjoy their blog and friendship!
Some people (like me) choose to but the award on their sidebar....some chose not to!
The way blog awards are suppose to work:
1. Thank the person that gave you the award! (even if you decline)
2. Post about the award on your blog.
3 Pick 10 or less blogs to give the award.
4. Go to their blog and let them know!
5. Copy and Paste the Award on your blog if you wish!
Sometimes when you are given an award you might be in a busy spot in your life ie: just having a baby or sick child. So if for what ever reason you are unable to "PASS THE AWARD" on....thats ok! You can still except if you wish thats perfectly OK!
It is meant to be FUN....not to STRESS peolpe out!

If you don't "believe" in awards that is ok ....just be flattered, not upset with the giver!
Since this Award is called the Loyal Friend Award I would like to give it to the people behind the blogs that have made my first year of bloggin so special with all their wonderful comments!
Blogging is funner when people comment on your stuff!
I give the Loyal Friend Award to:
Trudy is a very sweet gal that leaves the best comments!
I would love to meet you one day!
Christine has been one of the first few to come by and read my blog giving me such wonderful comments...she also gave me my Kreativ Blog Award! I so much would love to meet her one day too and see her BIG red mixer!
Amy has been with me this first blog year! Amy is an awesome writer....everything she writes about comes to life! So go check out her blog! I want to meet her too one day!
Joy Of 8
Christine has been coming by my blog for the past few months and always has something nice to say!She lives the closest to me so maybe I will get to meet her in person!
Seeking the Ancient Paths
Kris has been leaving comments on my blog since I started blogging last Fall! She is awesome!
I would love to meet her one day a see her veggie garden!
Adriana has been a great blog friend with much in common! She is a wonderful gal from Germany and always warms my heart with her lovely comments! I have a tough time reading her blog but love to go visit and see what she's up to!
Ann is a new blog friend...we have a lot in common! She lives in Australia and I would so love to go visit her and meet her family one day!
I hope I did not forget anyone.....I love everyone that comes to my blog!
Thanks for making bloggin fun for me!
There is still time to enter my to ALL! Just scroll down!
Blessings All,


  1. Georgiann,
    You are the best! I've laughed, I've cried, and I've sung "Seasons of Love" from Rent so many times my kids think I'm nuts! lol You have been such a faithful friend and I thank you so much for the award. (I've taken the awards off my sidebar, but I want to someday soon bring attention to your lovely blog so keep an eye out!) And I would LOVE to meet you someday! How fun would that be?!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    ps-I can't wait to take a look at the other blogs you mentioned!

  2. Awwwwwww...shucks. Thanks so much, Georgiann!

  3. Glad you were able to find the time to put this up and pass it onto others! What are you giving away..I'm missing something! Ha!
    Hey..I too hope to meet you someday and you know if I get up to Washington again and there is any way possible, I will. :) Love ya! Suz

  4. Thank you so much for the blog award Georgiann... it's my first and I am very appreciative. I have given it some thought and decided not to post awards on my sidebar for now. I'm hoping to keep my blog page as clutter free as possible and I want to leave some room for adding in a book list and eventually a recipe list. I'm signing up to follow your blog though to keep in touch!

  5. Aww that is so sweet! I've never heard of blog awards. I'm super new to blogging. Cute idea! You are right, it does make it worth it when you get comments. ;)


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