Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking a little break until next week.

Hi all,

I want to thank all of you who voted for me over at The Top 25 Big Family Blogs.
I came in 22nd.....just behind the Duggar's blog! It would not have been possible without your votes!
I have to fill out a interview form and a picture. It needs filled out by Oct.18.
I will be listed on the Top 25 Circle of Mom's website. More folks will be able to find my blog!

I will be taking a short blog break.......until the middle of next week. (Oct. 19 2011)

I have had a real busy month with Olivia's birthday (Oct.4), the death of my friends daughter,sports games, back to school open houses, daily Mass and MOPS. Oh and I went to audition for Wheel Of Fortune 2 night in a row (Oct. 5th and 6th)! My name was not drawn!

 I am also hosting a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Ceremony and Luncheon at our church to be held Oct. 15.  It has been 6 months of planing and now its crunch time. It should be a healing time for all the ladies that attend!

I have also been busy with Weight Watchers (I lost 6# in 4 weeks).  My W.W. leader Becky is the mother of an old acquaintance of mine,a girl named Rachel. I just found out tonight that Rachel's husband was killed in the war yesterday! Rachel and her 3 kiddos are stationed in New York....but she will be moving back soon and holding his funeral.

 I am also a part of the 40 Days For Life Campaign and pray at the Planned Parenthood once a week to end abortion.

I have had to go to the lab for a few blood draws to monitor my meds I have been on from my NaPro Dr. I also have had some drama from a blood order slip and med prescription that was delivered to the wrong address! My mail was hand delivered 3 days after it should have come!!!!!!!
 I was totally stressed.....but thankful it was delivered!

Next week I have to cook for our MOPS meeting and take dinner to a gal from our table that just had her baby.

I also might need to help watch a pregnant friend's home schooled kiddos.
Christine B. is in the hospital with a blood clot.

The fall weather has really set in here in the Pacific Northwest!

Rain, rain and a bit of wind and grey skies!
I have not been feeling to good this past week, my stomach has been queasy and I am just drained......I think it has been all this busyness. I look forward to some blog time sometime in the middle of next week when life slows down a bit! See ya when I get back to this space!!!!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Georgiann,
    Sounds like you are REALLY busy!! The Wheel of Fortune thing sounded really cool--too bad you weren't picked!! :-(

    Take care dear friend and please don't overdo!! :-)


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