Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready {before and afters}

So far my pregnancy is going well......and tomorrow at 7w 2d I will get a sneak peak of my tiny baby growing within. I am quite mind says "what if my baby is not growing, what if there is no heart beat?" I told myself I was not going to do the whay if thing, but find myself  doing it!!!!!!  I hope that hubby can slip away from work to come to my first ultrasound! (Hubby works 2 blocks away)


I spend the day cleaning my room and moving the crib/toddler bed from the girls room into my room, as well as a dresser that will be for baby.  I have misplaced the side rail for the crib (I do have 7 months to find it). lol  For now Jackie will sleep in it as a toddler bed in our room and Olivia will sleep with us in our bed. (they were both with us for the past 4yrs) The California king is a bit crowded and with my belly growing.....we all needed another arrangement! The girls will be getting bunk beds for their room over Christmas.

Here are a few before and afters of the space in my room set up for baby. (I know its early to be setting stuff up for baby, but I have a busy schedule over the next few months and needed to clear out the girls room making room for bunk beds!)


This is the mess in my room on my side of the bed!
I have a clothes/book case!


Little Miss Jackie asleep in the toddler bed/crib!

I still need to vacuum and tidy a few more things...
I am trying to hang my clothes in my closet so the black bookcase can be for baby things!
The box next to the crib is trash. (like I said I still have some tidying to do)
In that spot I will get some plastic drawers to keep my cloth diapers.
(just ordered some in a small size...I can't wait till they get here)
Oh and I want to get a new throw rug for next to my bed!
Above the black book case will be a wooden shelf with hooks.
(I still need to paint it....not sure what color I will use)
The shelf will be for toys and the hooks for hanging baby's clothes!

Keep me in your prayer as I am a bit nervous about my ultrasound appointment tomorrow!

Peace and Love.

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