Saturday, October 1, 2011

A look inside!

A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Tom Curran's talk about encountering Jesus in the Mass, he touched a bit on the new translation that will start soon.
The talk was awesome (4 hours over 2 days) but he told me nothing new as I already have a true understanding of the Mass and the Catholic faith that I paractice daily (not just on Sundays).
 Dr. Curran did say that most Catholic teens often stop practicing their faith as an adult because they do not fully understand what the Mass is and where the different prayers etc. come from and what they mean. They have not connected themselves full to what is going on during the Mass.
I was awe struck as I entered Holy Rosary Church (located in the BIG city)
It was BIG and spacious and very blue with a large white alter! 
The blue was a dusty blue that reminded me of Christian Alexander (my baby I miscarried in Jan)!
As I steped inside Holy Rosary I felt such peace! So much so I wanted to share it on my blog!
Also I wanted to share my Catholic faith with those that read my blog that might misunderstand my beliefs. I have met some folks in real life that think Catholics don't have a  relationship with the Lord.

I think that folks not having a "relationship" with the Lord can take place in any church or faith background.
But to say "Catholics" as a whole don't have a real relationship is just crazy.

Some folks are just waiting for their ears to be tickled!
They skip around from church to church (even changing faiths) looking for some magic to happen.
I find that to be very sad.....a relationship with Jesus does not happen that way.

As Catholics we celebrate Mass and the Holy Eucharist.
Jesus spoke at the last supper and commanded,
"Take and eat, this is my body that I have given up for this in memory of me!" 
As Catholics we do this daily. (though not all folks can attend daily Mass.)

Our places of worship have many pictures and visual reminders of God's love for us.
We do not pray to statues....they are reminders that they were people just like us.
We have Holy a reminder of our baptism.
Mass is a real living reminder....a real connecting the past to the present.
Very powerful stuff!

We believe in the Trinity. God is three in one. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
All of the Mass is word for word in the bible and Jesus asked us to continue his mission in this way.
Mass is a reliving a retelling of the story that lead to Jesus's death.

I am proud of my Catholic faith and very much have a close relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Jesus is not just a Sunday thing!

I pray you are having a great weekend.

While I am talking about faith related matters......
I went down to the Planned Parenthood to pray yesterday (for the first time)
and while I was there praying/singing a car pulled up driven by a guy and 2 girls got out and went inside.
After about 10 minutes the girls came back out and hopped in the car. As they were driving out of the parking lot the driver flagged our 40 Days For Life councilor over to his vehicle and said....
He and his girlfriend just decided to keep their baby. They had come to schedule an abortion.
There was only 5 of us praying.....along with my adorable daughter Olivia (almost 4yrs)
So powerful......our presence (in the light of GOD) helped changed their minds.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Beautiful church!! One of the things that I personally don't like in the newer church buildings is the lack of beauty. I love the older and historic buildings that were built in a more reverent time.

    I'm so happy that your prayers and presence were able to change the minds of the young couple who decided to keep their baby. So wonderful!

    I love ya my sweet Catholic friend!!
    Kris (your nondenominational sister in Christ!! ;-) Giggle!)


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