Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big News {wink wink***} and Funny Story~

This is the family picture from Olivia's birthday on Oct.4th
The baby is now 4yrs old!

We hope and pray to add a new baby to our family in Mid-June.

I had gone to MOPS the morning of Olivia's birthday and was feeling queasy and so I decided to take a pregnancy test upon arriving home......even though I used afternoon pee the test came back + positive!!!!! :)

I took about 6 other tests using 3 different brands over the next week....Why do us girls do that????

I have since had my pregnancy confirmed with 2 blood tests....
My hCG levels were 245 and then 48hours later 394.
So its on the low end of normal and I am pregnant.
DR.O ordered me to take 200mg of progesterone once a day at bedtime starting on day 14.
I have another blood test on Oct 24.

I called DR.O on Oct.5 and he sent my blood order and prescription for my compounded meds.
The mail (my paperwork) arrived at the wrong address and it was hand delivered by the people (1/2 mile up the road) 3 days after it came to their house! I was over due for my blood work!!!! I had called my DR's office (4 hours away) because I did not have my papers and my DR was out of town for 2 weeks on a family emergency!! I was beginning to really stress when the doorbell rang and this guy was holding my mail! He said my dad told my to bring this down.....he thought it looked important!
 Praise God he brought it! My baby's life is at stake!
It all worked out!

On Oct.5th I told Olivia the good news.....my sweet daughter had been wishing on dandelions seeds all summer long for a new baby.....she lights candles at church and prays.....she even used her birthday wish on wanting a new brother or sister....OK
the wish was really for 2 sisters and a brother.....hee hee!

I told Olivia to keep the news a secret.
My daughter.......was so excited but she told NO ONE!
But called me on it when I shared the news with a church friend at daily Mass!

Now here is the funny story I promised....

On Friday Oct.7 I called the whole family together and had Olivia give Hubby the red box with the pregnancy test that said PREGNANT!!!!
There was also a wash cloth in the box to serve as tissue paper.

Hubby takes the lid off, holds the test stick up and says
"What is this?"

Jackie yells, "Its a wash cloth, its a wash cloth!!!"
as she's standing in a chair trying to get a look inside the box!

Hubby takes the pregnancy stick and walks into the kitchen for more light then said, I need my glasses as he squints to read the word PREGNANCY!!!!

The kids were in the living room yelling and all excited. Hubby was in shock.
Not sure why, but that is how he always acts in the first few moments!

I have told a several people the good news and a few have said,
shouldn't you wait to tell people until you are at least 3 months along???

My answer to them is
"This is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it !!"

This baby is precious from the moment of conception whether I get to hold this baby in 9mo or in heaven like Christian. This baby needs prayers and love!
I know there are no guarantees....not even after the 3mo mark!

Life is precious!

Peace and Love,


  1. Oh, I'm so happy for you, Georgiann!!! I'm lifting you and your family up in prayer. :)

  2. Wonderful news Georgiann. So happy for you. Keep rested, keep praying, keep trusting in the Lord and all His promises. He is faithful!

  3. Thank you Kari and Ann for your thoughts and prayers and taking the time to say HI!


  4. C~O~N~G~R~A~T~U~L~A~T~I~O~N~S!!!!! Wow!!! I'm so happy for you!! I will be in prayer for you and your family!! Maybe the baby will come on June 25th--my birthday--but I wouldn't wish for you to be overdue!! Ha ha!!

    Praying that the progesterone will do it's trick (and be sure to NOT stop taking it!!! I'm sure you know that but there are many who don't and end up miscarrying) and that you will hold a sweet, healthy little one in your arms in "due" time. Giggle.

    Love and blessings to you dear friend!!

  5. Oh! Blessings!!!! :) Wonderful news for the whole family...take good care of yourself! :)
    Love, Suzanne PS I'll be praying!


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