Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting to know my local farmers! {Part 1}

The air was crisp outside when early Saturday morning I roused my three Little's out of their warm beds for a day of Farm field trips!We all  dawned our rubber boots and headed out for a days venture to several local farms. The first farm we stopped at was Terry's Berries! I had always thought this farm to be just a berry farm, the name IS Terry's Berries. This place was much more than JUST a Berry farm, I once thought it was.
I had heard from a church friend about this farm (just last week). So when the Daisy Scout troop my daughter just joined said, Saturday we are going on a field trip there, I was thrilled! My friend was sharing with me how she goes the the farm once a week to pick up her stuff! (not really knowing what she meant) Just thinking she meant shopping there! But she belongs to the CSA food share co-op.

What is a CSA co-op?
Community Supported Agriculture    
Terry's Berries is a local organic farm that has a CSA co-op program. For a fee of X amount of dollars (paid at the beginning of the 8 week season) you go on YOUR pick up day and get to fill your basket with what is there in the co-op area and the quantity specified.
Though the idea sounds tempting I have my own veggies I grew in my own yard! (I might join in the spring or summer because you get more food for the money and a bigger variety in the share.)
I will now definitely shop there for things I do not grow! Though this years growing season was a bit rough, I do have plenty to feed my family. The winter list for the winter co-op share is mostly squash,potatoes and winter greens (I grow Swiss Chard and the other). So no need to join the
pre-pay co-op,  I will just shop for what and when I have a need!

You can also go and shop (and not belong to the co-op).
She sells fruits and veggies,eggs,honey,breads,nuts and knitted wears.
{On a side note: I will be learning to knit soon, so be prepared for me to post pictures of some really poorly knitted things! lol}

Also Terry is sell a few of her layer hens for $8.oo each....I'm tempted to get a few but they are not as pretty as the ones I can get if I just wait until spring! Hubby wants me to just wait.

Call me weird, but there is just something sexy about an eggplant!
It looks like its wearing a hat!

Most of the stuff is grown right on the farm or from a local farm in the area. All organic!

We had a awesome time. The kids got to take a hay ride,pick a pumpkin, press and taste some fresh apple cider!

I bought a jug of cider, an eggplant,some blue potatoes and a loaf of Artisan Bread (Sweet Perrin).
 It is made with pear,hazelnuts and figs! It is yummo for breakfast!

Noah found a twin pumpkin!

After we left that farm, the kids and I went to pick cranberries at a little farm a bit closer to our house!
My Self Reliant group was invited to glean from the cranberry field for a few hours! Only myself and Rhonda came from our group! (She brought her mom and I brought my three youngest kiddos!)
Bruce the farmer is contracted by Ocean Spray.....I will post more about the cranberry picking venture soon in {part 2}. (I will shoot for tomorrow) It was cool that Terry from Terry's Berries knew Wayne the founder of the Self Reliant group I belong to.

Tonight I will be going to a Herbs for Flu and Cold season class.
I can't wait to share what I learn!
I will be posting soon about my stash of Homeopathic remedies!

Lots of fun and exciting things happening here at
The Garden Gate!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Boy oh Boy!!! I want to move to your town!! I want to belong to a Self Reliance group - so cool!!! I can't wait to hear about the cranberry picking!!!


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