Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting To Know My Local Farmers {part2} The Cranberry Farm!

After a fun morning at Terry's Berries Organic Farm we were off to a Cranberry Farm over in my neck of the woods! I never even knew there was a Ocean Spray grower out here.
WOW how cool is that?

The berries are floated then picked by machine. Once picked the berries are trucked to Aberdeen a few hours away to be processed into sauce etc.. The machine can't get the berries that are along the irrigation ditches or the sprinkler heads,so my Self Reliant group was notified.
Bruce the farm owner said,we could come pick for a few hours on Saturday.

Here's a look:

Cranberries grow in mushy airy compost in 5 soil from clippings.

Rufus the farmers bloodhound, kept chasing the kids,knocking them over and 
trying to do the  humpty dumbty on everyones  leg.......EEEKKK!

Me and my Little's at the Cranberry farm!

~Cranberry Fields~

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at a cranberry farm that grows for Ocean Spray.
We had a bundle of fun getting to pick {even though Rufus was a bit of a pest at times}.
Now its time to make a batch of cranberry sauce! I only had time to pick about 1 large bowl full,
before we had to leave to get ready for church. (we go to the Saturday Mass and CCD beforehand.)
We had a FULL day~

The herb class I took the other night was fun and informative.
It only cost me $1.00 for the hand out. The class was offered at The Free University in my area.
 At the Free University they have all sort of classes from painting, guitar, beading and gardening.
The next class I'm signed up for is a Herbal Tea class!
I bought the Herbal Remedies For Dummies book while I was there. I will share more when I post on the subject!
As for nose is in my new book!
{and a quick stop for a sip of tea and a bite of fair trade chocolate.}

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my Friday post of

Peace and Love,


  1. Oh - a Free University too!!! I think I'm breaking a commandment - thou shalt not covet!! I have not ever heard of anything like that up here :0( I laughed at your comment about the dog - you are funny!!! And to spend time at such a beautiful farm and then end your day by going to church!! Pretty near a perfect day (except for the humptey dumptey thing hehehe!!


  2. Hi Christine,

    I know.....a FREE UNIVERSITY??
    I still can't beleive it either.
    Fun, cool classes for no money.

    I have lived in this area for the past 18 yrs and have just, in the past year found out about the Self Reliant group,a food co-op store,organic farm with CSA co-op and the Free University!

    The university catalog is a 6 page book with tons of classes in it, they are held in different locations in the area. Rhonda the gal who picked cranberries with us is a painting teacher.
    When I was at the Herbal Remidies class cold and Flu, I saw her painted portrat in the wall. Our class was held in a local tea/herb shoppe.



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