Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden Harvest 2010 {Slideshow}

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We had a wonderful time in our garden this year....bonding,finding, gathering~
What about you? I'd love to hear about what you planted~

Have a great weekend......I hope you will join me for my Monday recipe meme:

                                   "Celebrating The Harvest"

Peace and Love,


  1. I loved this slideshow!!! Your garden was wonderful this year! I hope my garden does better next Spring - it was a little sad this year!! I also loved seeing a picture of you! Have a great weekend!


  2. It is so rewarding to grow and eat your own food. My latest post is also on what our gardens are producing. We have 12 new chickens all laying so it is quiche season! We have just bought the netting needed to keep the creatures that like to eat our vegetables off the gardens. Seeds have been sown into paper cups ready for direct plantings as seedlings, it was an idea I saw on a stall at the Farmers' market.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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