Friday, November 21, 2008

Motrins Bad Ad...On Baby Wearing

UPDATE Nov.22 2008~ Motrin has removed this ad.....and gave All mom's a written apology. You can read it on their website here.
Motrin deserve our forgiveness. We all make mistakes!
Thank You Motrin for hearing our voices and listening!
Feel free to watch....But we did get an apology from Motrin!

This video clip is of an ad made by was done in very poor taste. They have no idea the benefits of baby wearing! They did not do their homework! A sling or carrier that fits properly will not and should not hurt!
After watching this video I have a follow-up video of mad mom's that have emailed don't get to spun up....Motrin knows they were WAY off base!

Please remember to turn off my music before you start the video ad~

Baby wearing Mom's email in their outrage!

Happy Baby wearing to all! Motrin you are the source of my headache, not my sweet baby! You got it wrong! (Motrin has apologized)

Peace and Blessing,

What is your favorite baby carrier?


  1. My mom told me today that Motrin very quickly pulled that ad after a lot of mommy outrage. Don't they have focus groups or even just a few real people to watch their ads before they release them?!?!

  2. I can't see how that would really sell their product. Just another attempt to try to make Moms only think of themselves. Campaigns like this can do a lot of harm. I love how you said, "Motrin you are the source of my headache." You go Girl!


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