Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Reading Corner Tradition~

Reading to your children is beautiful thing!

There are countless benefits of reading to your children.
Snuggle time,increased vocabulary,memories of well loved stories..... oh did I say snuggle time, just to name a few! Reading to your children is an over all way to RELAX! Even my older children love for me to read to them. They enjoy the short stories as well as chapter books. What kiddo doesn't love the sound of a parents voice as they drift off to sleep? The memories you help them create is priceless.

Well it's almost time to get ALL the Christmas stuff out!
One of my favorite traditions is to get All the Christmas books out. Each year we buy a new book for our Christmas collection.
For many years I would put a basket with All the Christmas books next to the fireplace....for our cozy reading times. (We change our books out with the seasons and different holidays.) The last few years we have done something new and really FUN!

We now take 24 of the Christmas books and wrap them like gifts....presents. Each night one child picks a wrapped story from the basket for our bed time read! Its a count down to Christmas! The kiddos find the whole thing very exciting! They rejoice when they open the wrapping off to find one of their favorite books! I really like the scratch and sniff books! We have a whole pile of Nativity stories!

We still put the books in the basket next to the fireplace. A friend of mine uses her wrapped books to decorate window ledges and up high on kitchen cabinets. Its a fun and practical way to count down to the coming of Christ the King!

What ways do you and your family prepare for coming of the KING?

Do you have any fun holiday traditions you would like to share? Please feel free to leave me a comment!

Peace in Christ,


  1. Love any idea that brings excitement to reading and this is a good one. I love to read Christmas stories in front of the lights of the Christmas tree. This is a great countdown idea, especially with a beautiful Nativity story book on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the great idea!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I bet it's beautiful up there.

  2. Hey Trudy~
    Thanks for stoppin' by! Its lookin' like Christmas here too.
    We have had frost on the ground the last few days!.....and rain always! LOL that Northwest wheather for ya!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Peace inChrist,


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