Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Happy Book~

I wanted to share today about my Happy Book....its like a book of blessings. I started this book a few years ago,after watching the movie The Notebook. The movie was of a lady with Alzheimer's. It was also a beautiful love story.
I wanted to keep a record of times I saw God in the little things. I want to have a book to read when I'm old,so I can remember and relive the joys of my youth if only in my mind. I wanted something for others to read when I'm gone from this earth,to remember the moments in time,I held dear in my life. I want my kids to read and see the JOY they bring to my life as they grow and change through the years!

When I write in my Happy Book, I try to make a entry soon after the event or moment happens,while its fresh in my head. Its the little things that bring me such joy and make my heart warm and fuzzy. Sometimes its something that is said,or an activity done,by myself or as a family. My family always knows and tells me,"Mom that was one for your Happy Book!". They know what makes me Happy!

I try to give details,descriptions,and feeling in what I that years later I can relive the moment! Remember the happiness and joy my heart felt.
If I'm having a bad day I can read though my Happy Book and do something from it.... or just remember the things that make me happy.

Having 6 kiddos things can blurr together. Who said what cute thing or did what?
So writing things down is a good thing!
This is different than a journal in that it only has happy moments. The entries are usually short.

Here are some examples of some entries from my book:

I like to watch old movies on stormy days. They make me feel secure and safe. I can just drift of to movieland...I love a good movie!

I like when Jackie skates in the house. She will not take those Spider man Skates Off for anything! I love her spunk!

I love watching Jackie cook in the kitchen. She takes things serious,its fun to watch her being so particular about things. I love that girl!

Jackie is very careful stirring the gravy, she is excited to cook for dad and his friends for the Thanksgiving potluck. We made the potatoes and gravy.

I love listening to the music as I skip down the sidewalk on my way into the Olive Garden restaurant to eat. I want to go to Italy someday! I love everything Italian.
I love the stone work in and around the building. The food is awesome too.

I love the drive to church...seeing all the old farms and gardens in the Fall make me feel good. The corn,dahlias,pumpkins and sunflowers are beautiful and I smile big.

I like remembering the past...the wild west! The moss on the old barns is just a sweet reminder it was not that long ago. Many barns are sadly gone now. A sad reminder of growth.

I love taking the long way home and looking at old houses. Just looking at them brings me great JOY it can make my day! All the ginger bread,nooks and crannies,gardens,landscape....I soak it all in. I love old Victorians and homes in the old town.

I love going to the State Fair in the Fall. I like to vote on the Grange displays and looking at the art and quilts.

I love window shopping at the antique shops! My heart swells seeing things from the past....some things I remember from my childhood!

I love the smell of Turkey cooking on Thanksgiving Day! (and any other day). I like knowing that we will all be together. The day is a lazy day of visiting,sipping wine and eating comfort food! Mac and Cheese,mashed potatoes,gravy,bread stuffing and pie. Yummo!!!

I like the taste of butterscotch...oohhh is it sssoooo good! Smooth,buttery goodness. I love anything butterscotch.... pudding,ice cream topping,lattes,cake frosting,candy and the list goes on. Yummo!

I like the smell of is a clean smell to me. It reminds me of swimming at the pool.... After the kids are sick I clean the bathrooms with it and that makes me happy....the smell of clean. I feel like I'm doing good!

I love taking pictures with my digital camera! I take about 30 pictures a day...sometimes as many as 100. The kids are growin to fast!!!!

I like to go to parties with great food! Baby showers,weddings,birthdays etc...

I like it when Jacob(10) makes his "Fred" puppet with his hand. I smile big!!!
He writes lips on his hand and makes him talk.... I laugh.

I love to watch the movie, Yours,Mine and Ours starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda!
I love to watch it at night in my room...I watched it everyday for 2 months as I fell asleep! I could watch it 1000 times and love it every time.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass on a sunny spring day!

I love my morning cup of coffee with my french vanilla creamer.True Heaven!

I like round table pizza! Their pizza is wonderful. The crust is different than the other places. Yummo!!

I like looking at all those cook books you buy at the checkout stand...I have 100 or so. I never make anything from them...just dream and get inspired. I like snuggling in and looking through them.

I loved watching my oldest son on his first day of Jr. High waiting for the bus. I was in the laundry room on the 2nd story of our house...watching him out the window. He was funny trying to act cool! He thought he was getting to old to have mom at the bus stop with him.

I like the smell of homemade hot cocoa on the first snow day of the season! Seeing the kids squeal as the snow is falling. School is usually delayed so I make hot cocoa and pancakes with syrup and butter!

I like sitting on the back patio with my hubby,watching our kiddos play on a hot day while eating a frozen coconut fruit pop! I love coconut!

I like eating a BIG piece of white birthday cake with extra frosting and vanilla ice cream.

I love driving through the mountains and seeing a just makes my heart dance....Breath taking....even the small trickling kind. Each time I see one it feels like I've see it for the first time! WOW!!! I love feeling that way!

I like the smell of fresh bread baking in my bread maker! and beef stew in the crock pot!

I like digging in the dirt....planting the pony packs of colorful flowers in the porch containers. It looks so fresh. I really like the peppermint petunias.

I like listening to the sound of my fountain as I fall asleep in my warm bed. Its very soothing!

I love watching the prisms on the wall as the sun shines into the house after a rain.
The rainbow of color is beautiful I get happy every time I see it.

I like clipping coupons from the Sunday paper (I never use them) as I'm taking a soak in bath tub. I through them off into 2 piles on the floor being careful not to get them wet. The keep pile and though away pile!

I like when the boys Nick(7)and Noah(4) dress up in their Church cloths and play butler. They work together and the camaraderie is fun to watch.

I like watching the chickadees in the winter,eating the seeds we put out. We eat breakfast and the kids and I stare out and just watch. Nature watching is so fun seeing the birds hop around and talk to each other!

I liked watching Jackie (3) in with the chickens...she would pick them up and their legs would be straight. She had such a good time! The chickens would have this look in their eyes....Jackie smiling ear to ear!

I like going to MOPS...the breakfast casseroles are yummo...the smell of all the yummy food and the excitement of a morning spent with friends!

I loved watching Olivia(13mo.) roll around on the rug....playing with the warm patch of sun that shone through the window on this cold Fall day! She was trying to figure the whole thing out!??

I love turning on a few small lamps in the living room during the creates a warm inviting atmosphere on cold nights. The reflection on the ceiling is soothing to watch. The soft light is calming.

I also like the raffles they have at MOPS. We all say wwwwooooo in between each number called. As the numbers are called the wwwoooo slow down as people don't have the numbers. Very fun. Great prizes! Even if I don't win,I still have a fun time with it.

I love going to the Turkey BINGO at the church...its exciting and the fellowship is great. The older kids and I go every year. Dad stays home with the babies. Moms night out! They have 8 or so raffle baskets and 2 money bingo's during the night along with the turkey prizes.

Can you tell I love to eat and be with good friends???...most of my entries involve food and people!

I just bought my husband a red and black notebook to use as his Happy Book! He was always telling me that's one for your Happy it was time for him to let others "SEE" what moments bring him JOY....what makes him HAPPY!!!

So what makes you HAPPY????? Will you remember in 4 years what made you happy today?

Life goes to fast some take time to slow things down. Get yourself a pen and a notebook and start writtin'. I ask, again....

What makes you HAPPY???

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Hi Georgiann. Great idea to have this book because it makes you stop, notice the good things, live well and remember the goodness that has come your way. I loved reading your entries. The picture is beautiful on top, is that a barn near your home?

    What makes me happy? Seeing the changing leaves on the trees and Thanksgiving weekend coming up. It is always fun, filled with family and tradition, and a time to start looking forward to the Christmas season ahead.

  2. Hi there Grasshopper girl~

    I hope you had a good weekend!

    I have added some more entries on my Happy Book post! I could not help myself! I was adding them as you were leaving a comment.

    I will be over to see whats new with you! "See" ya soon!


  3. Hi Trudy~

    Great looking donuts.

    I forgot to tell you the Barn in the picture was taken near my house. There are many barns I get to see on the way to church. Sundays are truly a day I look forward to.

    Peace and Prayers,


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