Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is The Cookware You Use Safe?

Are We Serving Up More Than Food For Dinner??

I was thinking: How healthy was it to cook in a cast iron dutch oven? I have 2 of them; one regular black and one enamel coated. I cook with both most of the time. I have only been cooking with the black one for 3 months or so.
The sides are getting some rust on them and I get black residue in my food. I figure that can't be good for my family? Is it just iron getting into the food or is there bacteria? Studies say "YES" it is very safe to cook with! Read here to find out more!

One night I left the remains of a cooked chicken in the black pot, the next day I cleaned it out with soap and hot water. I gave the pot a sniff and it still smelled of the I put baking powder in it and let it sit and washed it again..that seemed to have done the trick.
I don't think I cleaned it right?
You can read how to clean cast iron here.

I also read here about a study done on the safety of ALL types of cookware,from glass,aluminum,terra cotta,Teflon coated and cast iron etc...
Researchers found Teflon chemicals in umbilical cord blood of a baby. I found that startling! I thought it was information I should share with my readers. Do you know if the cookware you use is safe?

If anyone whats to chime in? Please do!



  1. I LOVE my cast iron. A real asset in making our arms strong for our tasks!! My girls do the dishes and my pans always look terrible--not seasoned properly--but it doesn't take much to get them back to where they should be. They are so forgiving. And everything just tastes better in cast iron I think. Definitely my cookware of choice, though I do use a non-stick for frying eggs since I have never had sucess with the cast iron. Otherwise it's cast iron and stainless steel (Rever Ware) all the way!! :-)

  2. I'm glad I found out how to restore my cast iron. I'm sure the rust is not good for us..but a little steel wool can take care of that. I need to re read about using course salt for cleanning!
    The website said you aren't to use soap on it...I was? I don't know how to get the grease from the chicken Last night I cooked in it,then cleaned it with soap and hot water, it still stinks like chicken? My be I should put a layer of course salt in it to get the oder and bactiria that seeps into the pores?

    Thanks for your in put!

    Peace in Christ,

  3. We use cast iron and stainless and then stone for our bakeware. Love it! You can actually use soap in the cast, but I only do it when it has had meat cooked in it and then has set out overnight (blush). It won't really hurt it, but it is better to not use it.

    To clean, I use one of those nylon scrappers that comes w/ the stoneware to get the initial yuck off and then take a nylon-net type scrubby and scrub under hot water. Once clean, I use some sort of fat (often just a quick spray of something like Pam) to coat and put it away. :)


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