Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ian's Baptism

Ian Matthew was baptized on his first trip to Mass in June.
It was a very special Mass for a baptism because it was the Feast Day of John The Baptist.
Ian (means John in Scottish) was only 1 1/2 weeks old.
We had a our beloved Fr. Matthew officiating, also in attendance was a visiting priest from
Dublin Ireland.

When it came to finding/buying a baptism outfit for my sweet Ian we only had 1 day to find something.
I decided that Burlington Coat Factory might have the best prices.
I took Ian and the girls to meet my mom and sister for a day of shopping and lunch.
I was disappointed to find ALL the baptism outfits on the rack at Burlington had brown formula stains on them! Yes, they were used for someones special day then returned! Yucko!

I was never a big fan of the silky boy outfits.....I was hoping to find a none girly cotton gown for him. Something Victorian but no such luck. What I ended up getting was a simple $8.00 cotton onesie with a embroidered cross on the front. He wore white sock I already had and a $2.00 pair of white silk shoes. Oh and I also bought a white keepsake blanket ($14.00) with a large embroidered white cross on the front.

Ian is a simple cotton t-shirt and jeans kind of guy I can tell already!

Ian Matthew 1 1/2 weeks old!


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