Friday, June 1, 2012

Pregnancy update: 38 weeks

Yesterday I went for my usual once a week Thursday visit to my OB. A day that I look forward to so very much! Over all things went very well, baby is doing great.
Words every expectant parent wants to hear!

I only gained 1 pound since last blood sugars have been high every now and again. So Dr. E wanted to hook me up to a stress test monitor to check for contractions and baby's heart rate. I was hooked up to the machine for about 30 minutes or so.
 All was/is well. Baby is still in good birthing position and is not overly BIG at this point as far as Dr. E could tell. Baby tolerated the stress test with flying colors!

With all that in mind........since I still am only 50% effaced and 1 1/2 cen. dilated. ( I was 1 last week...I think Dr.E just gave me the 1/2 cen this week to make me feel like something was going on!!!!!) lol
 I'm not due for another 2 weeks. (June 14) so an induction this time is not due to a large baby getting bigger by the day. It would be due to the need to control things because of my use of blood thinners.
I need to stop taking them 24hrs before labor.

So the verdict from Dr.E is that I will come back next Thursday (June 7) for my regular check to see if my cervix is more favorable for an induction.
If so, he will schedule the induction for THE FOLLOWING WEEK!

Dr. E will be out of town Friday June 8 after work until Monday night June 11 and then has Tuesday June 12 off. So Wednesday June 13 is a possibility to be induced if I don't go into labor before then on my own. I will know more next Thursday!

I will be working hard from now until the finsh line to keep my blood sugar under control hence growing a smaller baby than I have in the past!

Peace and Love +

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