Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnancy update: 37 weeks

I have good news!
After a long week of sitting with better posture on my birthing ball, wearing my belly band and
being on all fours with my rump in the air some of the time......
our dear sweet baby has decided to get into the head down birthing position!
I felt him/her flip down at 6am the morning of my appointment yesterday while I was laying in bed!

I read a lot of helpful info. on Spinning Babies. com to get this baby to turn!

With Hubby and Olivia there, Dr. E gave me an ultrasound and guesstimates this baby at about 7 lbs. as of now,
 so at full turn maybe 8 1/2 lbs???

Dr.E still plans to induce me (the date has not been picked yet)  because of my being on blood thinners. I will need to stop taking them a day or 2 before I have baby. If we wait for labor to start on its own
(thou that is still MY hope) I most likely will have blood thinner in my system.

I have stopped taking my progesterone as of last night.
So it is my hope to go into labor early on my own?
I love for baby to pick their own birthday.....and all the drama that goes with the words:

ITS TIME !!!!!

Dr. E says, I am 50% effaced and 1cm dilated.
That doesn't really mean to much, because, I know one can walk around for a month at 3cm an be waiting for labor to start! But it is exciting to know things are happening!

I have been getting a lot of braxtons this past week!

I have only gained 1 lb this since my last visit!
For the past month I did not gain any!
That makes only 21 lbs total for this pregnancy!

My blood pressure is awesome 115/75
My diabets is under contol and we are growing a smaller baby!

I have been drinking about 4 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day!

My to do list before baby arrives:

Have the girls help me clean out my car.
Clean out the fridge.
Wash up the baby swing and make a spot in the living room for it.
Set up the play pen/bassinet in the living room.
Get my camcorder ready....check batteries and film.
Wash my bedding and vacuum my room.
Double check what I packed in my baby bag since its been 2 months since I packed it!!! LOL
Get a pedicure and a massage (with my gift card)

Since we do not know weather we will be having a girl or a boy I am ready for either.
I will have to do some washing when I get home from the hospital with baby, because much of the clothes still have the tags on.
I will be making some returns on the things I won't be needing!

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