Friday, May 18, 2012

Transverse and Whooping Cough Epidemic

Pregnancy update: 36 weeks:

 I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday.
My weight has stayed the same a 20# gain for the whole pregnancy thus far.
My blood pressure was 115/56.
My diabetes is under control with the help of diet and the glyburide pill in the morning.
I will be on 400mg of progesterone until the end of this week (I will be 37wks)
Baby's heart rate was great. ( Dr. E never tells me what it is)

I also saw my Hemo Dr. last week and we made a game plan for the bloodthinners I take.
Stop taking them (1 injection a day of Lovenox) 24-48hrs before labor and then resume the day after delivery.....taking then 2 injections daily for 6-8weeks. No coumidian this time. I hated going in the the clinic every 2 or 3 days to get my PTIR checked! Such a hassle!

I thought my OB was going to give me an ultrasound yesterday to gauge this baby's weight.....for what its worth. I know they can be way off with their estimate in either direction. Dr E said, next week I would get the ultrasound.

I told him I thought this baby was transverse so he felt around on my belly and sure enough his/her head is on MY left side and feet and butt on the right side! Dr. E said he might have to do an aversion, manually turning the baby. eeeekkkkk!

He never mentioned the C word (c-section). I think Dr. E thinks baby will turn. I do pray, that will be the case. I don't fancy being cut open or needles in my back, so please pray my baby gets into the proper position soon!

I will be trying some exercises at home to help promote baby to get in the birthing position.


Yesterday, I asked my OB about the whooping cough vaccine.
Here in Washington State there is an epidemic.
Dr. E said, it would be best to get the vaccine right away so I can build amuntites before baby gets here.
So yesterday I received the T-DaP booster. Hubby will get his next week.
All grandparents, friends and relatives will need to get their T-Dap booster at least a week before seeing/holding our baby.

You can go here to see and listen to a 7wk old baby struggle to breath with whooping cough.

Here is a short clip on what you need to know about whooping cough aka pertussis

Symptoms of pertussis vary depending on age.


Infants with pertussis may have trouble feeding and breathing and may turn bluish. Many infants are unable to even cough. The disease is most serious in infants, especially those not fully protected or too young to get the vaccine.

Babies and young kids:

Babies older than six months and kids with pertussis can have severe coughing spells that make it hard to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. At this age, the cough is often followed by a "whooping" sound, which is how the disease got its common name. Kids may also vomit after a long coughing spell. Whooping cough can cause pneumonia, seizures, brain damage, and death.

Babies with whooping cough are often hospitalized.

Older kids and adults:
With older kids and adults, the disease can be quite mild or can cause several weeks of exhausting coughing. Babies usually get whooping cough from caregivers or family members who don't realize they have the disease, like older brothers and sisters, parents, and grandparents. Research shows that it's most common for moms to pass on the disease to babies.

How to protect infants and young kids:

Anyone with a persistent cough, especially if it includes fits of coughing or causes vomiting, should seek medical care. There is a vaccine to prevent pertussis in older kids and adults called Tdap. All pre-teens, teens, and adults should get the vaccine, especially those in contact with babies. The vaccine can help stop the spread of the disease to babies.

Anyone with a cough should avoid being around infants. Not all coughs are whooping cough, but without testing, it's better to avoid the possible spread. If it's not possible to avoid being around infants, cough into a tissue, then wash your hands thoroughly, or wear a surgical mask to prevent the spread of bacteria.


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  1. Thanks for the update!! Your pregnancy has literally flown by!! Sure won't be long now until you're holding that little one in your arms!! :-)

    Praying that the remainder of your pregnancy continues to breeze by uneventfully and for a safe labor and delivery!!!


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