Friday, June 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 39 weeks

Hi all! I just got up from my nap and took a few pics for my undate!
I have been trying to keep rested up!
I wished I would have put on some lipgloss or something!!


I went to my OB Dr.E yesterday. All is well.

I gained 1 more # putting me at a 23 pound gain this pregnancy.
Blood pressure is awesome and baby looks and sounds terrific!!!

I was hooked up again this week to the machine for a stress test on the baby (who kept trying to nap)lol
This baby has been the BIGGEST napper!

Oh I wanted to let you all know that my bellybutton usually sticks like a turkey timer.
But I had my herniated bellybutton fixed when I had my gallbladder taken out.
Olivia was 3 months old when I had my surgery.
My bellybutton is so cute now! :)

So whats the verdict you may want to know?

Dr. E wants to induce me on June 12 (Tuesday).
I thought it was his day off, but he said, Tuesday he is in the hospital not in his office!

The hospital will call me at 5:30 am the morning of June 12
to let me know what time to come in for my induction that day.
We will be using Cytotec (taken orally) not pictocin. At least at first.
I will be able to use the tub,walk and move around!

BOY or GIRL ???????

I know some of my readers made a guess that they think we are having a boy.
If anyone else wants to make a gender guess and a guess at baby's weight there is still time!

If I have time I will try to post my families gender and weight guesses!
We will all find out at delivery!

You can also make a guess if you think baby will come earlier than my induction date.

I lost my plug this morning and am 2cm and 60% effaced.
I was having lots of pressure and mild contractions this morning!

Peace and Joy,

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  1. Sounds so exciting!!!! I'm praying for a safe and wonderful labor and delivery!!!! God bless you sweetie!!!
    Love, Kris

    Oh, I'm gonna guess 8 lbs and 7 oz and I'm sticking with a boy!! ;-)


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