Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flying with baby

This summer I took a trip back east to Pittsburgh PA. I was able to take my 11 yr old son Noah and my newly 1 yr old son Ian {aka B*Ian (Bean) } It was interesting but we survived. A few tip I would like to pass along is : Baby flying on lap sounds better on paper......

But when money is tight like in our family of 9, you do what you gotta do. :)

Here is what was helpful to me.......

Bring your car seat ALL THE WAY TO THE GATE.......if there is room they WILL LET YOU USE A SEAT TO BUCKLE BABY. You must ask at the time of boarding. If the answer is NO......then the baggage guys will load you car seat under the cargo hold. Doing it this way also is less rough on the car seat and you will know for sure it is with you :)

Our flight was 4 hours then a different plane 2 hours. I was fortunate to have Ian sleeping in his car seat on the longest leg of out trip out. But it was opposite on the way home......Baby on lap for 4 hours was tough but we made it.

I made sure to give him Tylenol while getting ready for take off.

What travel tip do you have?
Would you like to share them?
Leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you.

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