Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fun~

Hi all~

After taking a break I'm back......sort of? I wanted to post a few pictures but am a girl of few words these days. (only on-line) lol

Summer has flown by so fast! Here in the Pacific Northwest it has been a short season! It was hot the last few days but today smells and feels like fall! My garden has not produce much:) this year!

Over the past month I have hosted a few house guests, the last one left today! I'm trying to get my routine back to normal. My laundry is behind and I have all the bed linens to wash and hang out!
We have been enjoying our new dog Jasper! We work several times a day on dog training and I have 3 new books on the subject and  Border Collies in general.

I have been sipping my new selection of herbal teas I ordered from Mountian Rose Herbs!
Reading, playing with the kiddos and cleaning out the house and garage have kept me real busy.
We can now park the car in it! yahoo!

We also went to and volunteered at 2 VBS (vacation bible schools at our churches) and then 2 of my kiddos attended a third one held in the evenings at the local baptist church.

Tonight my crock pot is cooking dinner......corned beef and cabage. I need to make some mashed off II go to finish things up for a late dinner. Hubby and 2 of the boys have football practice from 6-8pm and will be home shortly!

When I get back into my routine after this last bout of company I plan to have a giveaway to celebrate my 2nd year blogaverary!

Oh and yesterday our neighbors cat George got hit by a car! We are doing to must him dearly!
I will post a few cute pictures and tell you more about this special cat soon!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Hey, we have corned beef up for tonight's dinner! :)

    Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful summer and I look forward to "seeing" more of you all in the autumn.


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