Friday, December 23, 2011

December hightlights

Noah and dog Jasper relaxing to some Christmas tunes!

My hubby, Fr. Jerry (our favorite priest) and myself after Mass!

Nick had his soccer party and was next to last to receive his trophy....
I was the first to discover that it had 2009 on is 2011!!!!
The coach got them through a mail order company!

Olivia enjoying her Christmas search book!

Jackie and Jacob in front of the Wienermobile!
All beef hot dog, chips and pop for $1.00!!!!
Oh and the kiddos got a free Oscar Mayer whistle!
I have not seen the Wienermobile since I was a kid!
This was the highlight of my day!

This picture was taken the same day as the ones above.
Jackie did not want the bun to her hot dog so we fed the crows in the parking lot!
Our days here in the Pacific Northwest have been cold,damp, gray and foggy!
It looked like it was 5pm but it was only 1pm!

This picture makes me smile!
Jackie lost another tooth.....she reminds me of the girl Ellie from the cartoon movie UP!
Tap the link to see a cute clip from the movie!

Ellie from the UP movie!

I hope to be back to this space in a few days with a Christmas cookie recipe that Olivia and I made....
it will more than likely be AFTER Christmas. (sorry)

I need rally my troop and get this house clean for our Christmas dinner that I host every year.
Its just us eight plus my sister Beth and her hubby Mike and his mom Judy!
We do our BIG dinner, gift exchange then all go to Mass on Christmas eve.

Peace and love as we rejoice the news of the baby king!

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  1. Georgiann,
    Just dropping by for a belated visit. I've not had much time at all for the computer these past couple of months.

    Glad to see that you and your family are doing so well!! I had a good giggle at Jackie's toothy picture!! :-) And I'm happy to hear that your pregnancy is going so well too!!

    Just wanted you to know that I came by and did some catching up. :-) Praying that you and your family will be blessed in the new year!!
    Love, Kris


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