Monday, December 12, 2011

Going On A Tree Hunt {2011}

Well as tradition will have it, we got our Christmas tree on the 2nd weekend of Dec.
My hubby's rule is we must be on our hunt for at least 45 min-1hour!
We always have a good time running around in the forest of groomed pines.

We found a few neat treasures on our trek.....a lady bug on a stump and a empty bird nest in a tree!

Noah really enjoyed giving Olivia a piggy ride though the trees.....being careful not to trip on stumps!

I had to play detective while we were out.....
We voted on our tree....the guys chopped it down.

Jacob and Nick carried our prized tree to front of the farm to pay.
After we hiked to the front of the farm I discovered Olivia did not have her cute hat on!

So off Jackie, Noah and I ran to find it.
I used my camera to help up out. Looking to see when she last had the hat on, so we could narrow our search! We found it in 5 minutes!

Baby Belly Pic. 13w 2d

While we were getting our tree and heading back to pay, my mind drifted to thoughts of last years tree trek! I think Christian was trying to implant that day last year. I was feeling cramp and just 2 weeks later I found out we were pregnant! I was mentioning this to hubby and trying not to cry.
We decided we would drive into the near by town for lunch. Not know of any good place I decided to ask the folks working the Kettle Corn booth.
The gal asked if my name was Georgiann. I said yes. She then told me who she was.
She was the doula I used for Olivia's birth.
So we talked for a few minutes and I got her phone # again.
S. said she'd love to be my doula again!

S. then shared a sad story with me.........
She had 3 boys when I had her as my doula 4 yrs ago.
She then got pregnant with her 1st girl Lily.
Lily heart stopped beating 2 weeks before she was happened the day of her baby shower.
She now has another girl whom is now 16 months.

It was such blessing to run into her again.
God is good!


My hair is looking terrible!
I need to color my hair as my light/gray roots are in the front 8 inches of my hair and the way I wear my hair it looks like I have red/orange fake hair attached to the back.
I am thinking of just chopping it all OFF!
What do you all think?
Hubby wants me to keep it long but its so thick and bushy!

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