Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pregnancy update {11w 5d}

I was so nervous about my OB visit today.......

I had a few teary moments over the last weekend.......my mind filled with what ifs?

I was and am really missing Christian lately.....he was lost to miscarriage due to low hormones back in January of this year. :(   I was due August 28 2011 and found out I was pregnant with him Dec.25 at 12:30am Christmas morning!

So full of emotions lately my mind was not to kind.......

 What if my baby does not have a heartbeat? What if I loose this baby.....my baby!
I was beginning to think I did not FEEL pregnant anymore. I was once feeling huge and sick most of the time but seem to be feeling a bit better lately and not so bloated.

Baby #8 nicknamed My Little Apple!

My OB visit went wonderful........

Dr. E was very kind during this visit........but here is a quick back story......
I was very upset at the treatment I had received from Dr. E and especially his nurse L. after my miscarriage back in January of this year.
I did not ever want to go back there again.
I scouted out a few new Dr's just in case we were to get pregnant again.
The OB's I did a meet and greet with did not feel right. We did not hit it off.
I also needed to shop around for a new regular Dr. within the office I was going as my old one moved away. I found a great Gal Dr. she and I hit it off and she is much like a midwife in her style. She also delivers babies so I was really going to use her for this pregnancy.

There was a few things that made think other wise though....
I have a clotting disorder while pregnant that needs managed by a hematologist and the other thing is that   she is only at the office by my house on Monday and Tuesdays.
What if I need to see her during the time she is at her other office?

So after praying and praying about what to do......I even asked God to give me a sign.
When I was first pregnant and getting my progesterone prescription filled there was a stack of business cards on the counter......they were Dr. E's.
Believe me I grumbled and told myself I was NOT going to go to Dr. E again!
But a few days later after praying again and listening to what God had to say, it was decided.
I would go to Dr.E because God told me that is were I needed to be.
Dr. E knows me and my history.
And God knows whats around the corner.......I do not.
Today was my 2nd visit with Dr. E since my miscarriage.....my hubby went with me Nov.1  I was 7weeks and Dr.E gave me my first ultrasound!


When Dr. E came in the room he smiled and said, well lets get a look at this baby!
Hop on the table and let see if baby is big enough to see with a regular ultrasound otherwise we will do a vaginal.
I was so excited!
I was told by the front staff that at this visit I would not be given a ultrasound because I already had one last time and we knew my due date.
So the hear Dr.E say ultrasound, I was beaming from ear to ear......I was going to see my baby again!

Dr. E started up the machine and my baby popped up on the screen......it was not moving!
Dr. E did some measuring and said, WOW baby looks big for the dates! I think you are farther along than we thought! And it looks like your baby is sleeping.
He showed NO alarm!
He tryed to wake him/her up with a few pokes, well presses of the scanner thing.....but there was no movement.
I did not "see" a heartbeat just what seemed like a lifeless baby.
I sat there petrified! I was holding back the tears!
Dr.E showed no look of bad news?
Next thing I knew my untrasound was over and Dr. E said, with a smile,
every thing looks great and your new due date id June 14 as he handed me a few pictures of my baby!

I quickly said, what about the heartbeat I did not hear one. He said, you did not see the flutter on the screen? I said NO! as I tryed not to cry.

He said, well lets see if we can hear baby with the dopler.
Releif.........thump thump thump! I started to cry!

I heard a heartbeat......sweet joy to my momma ears!
I was given another ultrasound and a new due date!
I went from a due date of  June 18th to June 14th. yippee!

When Dr.E asked if I wanted a amnio or any of the other blood work screens
to check for birth defects...I
said NO!
I told him that I did not need added worry and I was in LOVE with this baby.
If my baby had a defect I would love him or her regardless and would like to find out at birth when I could look in his or her beautiful eyes and just be in LOVE!

Dr. E then gave me the best compliment.....
He said, that as a routine he has to offer such test but is happy to report that he LOVES his patients because almost all of them say NO! He had a sparkle in his eye.
He said, he was honored to serve his patients and be a part of God miracles!

I thanked him for the ultrasound....I was told that he would most likely not be giving me another until 20 weeks.

So things are back to awesome with my Dr. and it feels great!
I'm glad I listened to the Lord and TRUSTED Him!

My progesterone levels as of Nov.21 are 22.5 (zone 2)
I went over and scheduled my Hematologist appointment with Dr.M today for Dec.20!
My next OB appointment is Dec. 22.
I went to my Dr.s lab today for the pregnancy blood draws! (4 or 5 viles) I could not watch!

Well I'm off to go change the due date on my blog tickers! :)



  1. Great news:) I hope the rest of your pregnancy is worry free:)

  2. Awwww, I am so GLAD that everything was ok with baby!!!! Praise the Lord!


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