Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day and Night

Well this week we got our share of snow!
I have taken a few pictures from our back patio but have not wanted to really venture out in the white stuff!

Last night we got a big dump of  about 7inches of the soft white powder!
We are said to expect about 8 more inches over the course of today!

I will be cooking up a large pot of potato soup and will serve it topped with bacon!

Here in the Pacific Northwest we can go from winter wonderland to rain in just one day!
I'm pedicting that will be the case by tomorrow or Friday.

I know these pictures are not that great so I will try to snap a few good ones today.

I have just been to snuggled in watching movies on the couch with hubby and sipping tea to venture out for a photo shoot!


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  1. We've been having a few days where it's up to 70 degrees and then in the next couple of days it'll get down in the teens for the lows!! Crazy!! I'm not really looking forward to nasty winter weather this year since we don't have the adaquate shelter for our chickens and guard dog like we did previously and I worry. What we have is ok--but it's not like a barn!!

    Stay safe and warm!! <3


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