Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pregnancy update {17wk 5d}

Well this post is a bit past due......my last OB visit was Dec.22 2011, just before Christmas.
I took some what of a blogin' break over the holiday.
The picture is a current one.....but at my apt. I was 15 weeks.

Things are progressing well, I have only gained 8# since the beginning!
Hubby and my 14yr old son Jacob went with me to my last appointment.
Heartbeat was great and I measured fine. All is well.

I also went to my hemo doc and am now on blood thinners. An injection once a day :)
hubby gives them to me. Its a preventative measure as I am prone to blood clots during pregnancy!
 I also take 200mg of progesterone once a day at bedtime to prevent miscarriage and get my levels checked every 2 weeks via a blood test. My levels are in normal range but would not be if I did not keep take my progesterone per my NaPro Docters orders! I will continue on it until 36wks.
My OB said, I could stop taking the progesterone after 12 weeks because my placenta would make it!
But my NaPro doc and I knows other wise!

I go for my next OB appointment on Jan.19 and again on Jan.26 (hubbys b-day) for my 20wk ultrasound!
I have started to feel the little flutterings of my little one! So reassuring and so exciting!
We will not be finding out the gender of our precious baby! We love a good surprise at the time of delivery!


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  1. Looking good Georgiann! Thanks be to God for your NaPro doctor. I bet everyone is excited about your new blessing.


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