Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow,Ice and Power Outage!

Jackie and Olivia

The girls were "digging a tunnel to China" as they put it!

A day of snow calls for comfort foods, potato soup topped with bacon and vintage white cheddar!

I think Jasper wants some too.

After a day of playing in the snow,the power went out in the evening.........

It was time for lanterns and board games!

Hubby is listening to the radio news with his crank flashlight radio......the flash makes it look like the power is on but we were all siting in the dim light of the lantern.

The power outage is spread over a wide area of our state, as it snowed more.
 The weather got warm then froze again and we had freezing rain. More snow is expected! :)
There is ice on the trees causing the branches to get to heavy, snap and taking down power lines!

On a happy note......

I had a prenatal visit today so since the roads were clear for the most part off we went.
Hubby, the 2 girls (Jackie and Olivia) and I went to go check on our little baby being knit!
The girls were thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat!
My visit went well and baby is doing great!

After my doctor visit we ate breakfast/lunch at Shari's.

The power had come on about 9pm last night after being out for 3 hours.
It then went out again at 6am this morning and was out when we left the house. Then went on and off every few hours according to the boys whom stayed home (by their choice). The power would only stay on for about 10mintues each time, so it was off most of the time.
 It is now back on and has been since 3pm.

Me 19 weeks prego!

After eating at Shari's hubby dropped Jackie and I off to pick up a few supplies
 to get us through this storm!

Chicken to grill up,TP, hot cocoa and batteries!
Oh and a small tub of  Lavender ice cream!

Hubby's favorite birch tree in our back yard.......getting ready to snap from being covered with ice!

Hubby came home and traded us girl for the bottom 3 boys!
The boys went to pick up some burgers from a local hot spot!

Oh and Jasper was getting cabin fever and wanted to go too.
He loves a good truck ride!


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  1. Georgiann you are just glowing! You look beautiful!!! Those sweet girls are getting so big!! I miss you so much and haven't forgotten about you. I am working full time 5 days a week for an accounting office. I am having a scentsy open house on feb.18 at 4 and would live to see you and your precious baby bump! Love you and hope you all ate well

    Hawli :)


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