Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

We finally did it! Took the kiddos to Mt. Rainer that is.
Hubby and I had been talking about venturing up to the beautiful snow covered peaks for quit a while.
"I wanted to eat some chicken and walk in the wildflowers like I did as a kid" I told Hubby.
The Littles, Hubby and I excitedly got our warm clothes ready to head up into the mountain we hold so dear.
(1hr 1/2 away)
What we forgot was we would be above the cloud cover and the weather up there would be HOT!
Not overcast like at home.

We drove up and found a picnic spot and just ate tale gate style.
Jackie had a stomach ache....she felt better after eating some lunch.

We saw favorite thing.

Hubby and Noah navigated our destination on the map.

We got to Paradise and it was wonderful!
The weather was very warm and I was dressed in winter clothes. Not layers:(
I had on polar fleece socks and rubber clogs!
I'm really out of shape too and the climb was up hill for quit a ways before letting up.
Hubby laughed and wanted to snap my picture before Ian and I went back down to wait in the lodge.
He thought it was hilarious that I did not even make out of sight of the lodge.

Hubby and the kids were gone for 2 1/2 hours.
All I was left with was Ian, his sun hat, a sling and a bottle with formula.
I never take the chance that I will have enough breast milk.
Things are getting better and I did breast feed while we were there.
Oh and I also had $10.00 and the extra batteries in my pocket to be used for my camera that I gave to Hubby as we parted.
I had no burp cloth, diapers etc...they were in Hubbies back pack.
I had to use paper napkins when he spit up.
I had no way to get into the truck, but managed to get a drink from the ice cooler in the bed.

I took this picture just before we left to go home.
The lodge was closing so it was empty but during the day it was FULL.

I had lots of time to make friends with 3 other new mommas that were waiting for their crews to return back to the lodge. I had a joyous and peaceful time.

1 gal had 6mo old boy/girl twins and a 4yr old girl.
1 gal had a baby girl born 2 weeks after Ian and also had a 4yr old girl.
1 gal had a 3mo old girl.
Another gal was there with her herd of 3 boys ages 2,5 and 6.
We all sat in the far living room, had meaningful conversation and breast fed our babies.
It was so lovely and awesome!

I'm posing with the wildflower bouquet Jackie picked for me.

Hubby took some wonderful pictures before the batteries went dead!

I took this picture as we ate our tale gate dinner before heading home!

Ian watching closely as dad handed out cold JO JO potatoes left from lunch.

This was a big no-no I'm sure but Jackie picked one of every kind of wildflower for me.
She knew I really liked wildflowers. Thank you Jackie!

The clouds were rising as we drove down the mountain in the evening.
The sun was a settin'
The perfect end to a beautiful day.

I wanted to post these pictures yesterday but I seemed to have caught a cold on Sunday. As we drove home my ears and head were clogged up and I was feeling very run down.
I'm glad I did not go on the LONG walk with a baby to carry.
Yesterday I spent resting and a dear friend brought us dinner.
Pork chops, mashed potatoes,gravy corn spoon bread, salad and homemade snicker doodles cookies.
Thank you Nancy, it was yummo!


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