Friday, August 31, 2012

In the still of the morn

In th still of the morn I can eat the last homemade blueberry scone and not have to share.

 When I have enough energy to get up before the kiddos. It allows me time to get a few chores done, ones that I find relaxing. Yes, there are a few.

Like taking down cloth diapers fresh off the line that will need folded and put away.
I also like to do a quick pick up of scattered dirty clothes that are left through out the house and STUFF them into the wash machine.
Boy that makes my house seem instantly cleaner.
Also running a load of dishes before my crew wakes is a good thing.
We have not mastered a clean kitchen before
I'll take clean and picked up where and when I can get it! lol

I love to sit in my quiet kitchen and ponder what I will do today.
What I will fix for dinner? What will the kids and I do today?

When the kids awake.......

Most days they are spent in our backyard, splashing in the kiddie pool,
Making a mud city to dig in. Riding bikes or swinging on the swing set.
There is the occasional squabble and skinned knee.
Request for a popcicle and to make some lemon aide.
There are questions to answer like whats for lunch?
Can I have candy?

But for now I will sit here quietly and eat the last the still of the morn.



  1. I totally agree! I try to get up in time to have some quiet time before my little ones wake up, but I have a new babe, too (May 2012). Right now he's keeping us up all night!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Ian our new little one (June 2012) has always, OK most of the time,slept good though the night. Swaddling for us has been a good thing.


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