Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Basket~

My craft basket is heaping with delectable fabrics!

I'm not sure if its the cold weather or what?... but I'm in the mood to sew a few quilts.
I'm still designing my blocks so it might be a bit before I dive in.
(Later this month I will be showing more fabics I bought for yet another quilt, so keep checking won't want to miss it!!!!) 

Right now I'm getting ready to recycle some old sweaters into pants for my girls!

For Christmas I will be making pillowcases for the boys! (the girls will have to wait!)

Blessings for a Peaceful Holiday season!

Thanks for coming by~


  1. Oooo! Those are pretty fabrics! Can't wait to see what they become (and those pants too...hope you have a willing model who will oblige us with action shots! ;) )


  2. Thanks for sharing the link to the sweater pants pattern! I want to try those for sure. I appreciate your comments on my blog. I have to confess I have visited your blog quite a few times, but usually have Beatrix in my arms so I don't leave comments too often.


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