Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day Of Silence~

These are the flowers my oldest son Jarett left for J on her porch. The boy in the picture is my son's friend M . M went with us to take the flowers over.......as he remembered and shared his feelings of when his father died 7yrs ago! Our home is open to many teenage kids many whom have working parents or parents that don't seem to care enough about them. These kids come to our home for a warm loving environment and a meal!
My kitchen(The Garden Cafe) is always open! And this home is full of LOVE not judgement!

The four slain officers in my state are being laid to rest today~

The funeral is on TV here and.....it is BIG!

These four fallen officers have left behind a total of 9 children!

My oldest son Jarett is good friends with J the daughter of one of the officers killed~
Jarett is not sure how to comfort his friend.
My oldest son and I have been having many heart to heart talks.....I have never felt so close to my oldest son (15yr) as I have this past week.

Six of my sons friend's have dad's that work in the police or sheriff dept.

It was just last month that my son Jarett went to the movies with J....the daughter of one of the fallen officers.
My son met J's mom and dad. He shook her dad's hand!(as the dad checked him out.)
J's mom and dad gave them a ride home!

J and her 2 brothers will be speaking at the service today to remember their dad.
There are over 2000 vehicles in the 10 mile procession that took 4 hours.
There are 20,000 family members and officers in the Tacoma Dome.
There are four over flow locations to watch.
I am watching from home here......and taping it......the service may last about 4 hrs more!
What a L-O-N-G day for these families!

We are in such disbelief!

Last week our family dropped off paper products (Costco size plates,cups,utensils etc.) to help them with meal clean up during this time!
My son will drop off flowers for J today.....on her porch.
All our hearts are heavy!

Please keep our community in your prayers!

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