Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Relaxing~

Well there is only 2 more days until my In Laws get here! They will be sleeping in the "N" boys I will be tidying it up and changing the sheets today. The boys can start sleeping in there alternate spot tonight!
This year is the first year the kiddos drew names to see who they would buy for and do random acts of kindness...(in secret). We are doing the straw in the manger thing as well. For every act of kindness the kids do they put a piece of straw in the manger getting ready a spot for Jesus birth!
My To Do List For Today~

  • Today the youngest 3 will be wrapping presents they bought (I gave them each $10.00 to spend on their person)
  • Make CHEX mix with the kiddos
  • 6 Loads of laundry
  • Play wooden trains with the kids
  • For lunch broccoli cheese soup,bread and oranges
  • Clean the Bathrooms
  • Make tater-tot casserole with the kiddos (tonight's dinner)
  • Load the bread makers
  • Read the kiddos some stories
  • Put the kettle on for my afternoon tea and snacks
  • Feed & Water our many animals (I do that every day AM & PM)
  • Give the girls a bath
  • Remind Jacob to bath the dog
  • Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air and remember there is still about 6 days until Christmas to get ALL my other stuff done.
  • Go to bed early, read my novel and sip my herbal tea!
Did I tell you I still have not even started to wrap presents?! (For about 15 people)
Its hard to do when you have at least 2 little shadows all I'm not complaining. I love my kiddos. I like them wanting to learn and to WANT to be near me.....but it make Christmas surprises hard to pull off!
Its hard to pace the cleaning because its only stays nice & clean in a house FULL of 8 people for about 1/2 a day!
My In Laws will be here for about 12 days and my hubby has the week off (Christmas to the new year) so I will not be blogging as much.
Blessings and Prayers for a
Merry Christmas!

In Love,

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