Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Party~

Hi there.....well these are the Christmas party pictures I promised!
If you were one of the lucky/unlucky ones to see and hear me on my first ever very bad video before I deleted it.....this is me and what I wore to the party!
I went to Walmart and got black slacks and a long sleeve dark gray top.
Oh Amy....I will not be cleaning in these pants! and I am working hard to change my ungreen bleach cleaning habit! I actually have been making some of my own cleaners and have a cool book with recipes I've been reading! I hope to post about it soon!
(I do love the smell of bleach)

There was food and fun for all!

Big brother helping to open a candy took 5 minutes!

Oh the Christmas cookies...................

Crafts................. Calender Candy Countdown to Christmas!

Gifts from Santa for all the kiddos!

Oh and I did good at the silent auction...... I only spent $13.00 and came home with all my Christmas gifts (to me) valued at about $200.00!
Tomorrow I will show you the one thing I got for the house (from the aution) to have around as a new Christmas Tradition!
Can you guess what is is?

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  1. Looks great! (and I cannot believe you like the smell of that stuff! Good luck w/ your greener cleaner!)


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