Saturday, December 19, 2009

What I Love........

A New Christmas tradition this year in our home was to decorate a Jesse Tree! Reading the Old Testament stories each day and adding a ornament that represents the scripture that was read.
One of my church friends (also with 6 kiddos) made the ornaments for me a few years ago but this was the first year we did our tree and read the scriptures! (Maybe next Holiday I will post each ornament! They are very cool!)

This is one of my favorite ornaments......made by one of my kiddos while staying with some of our home school friends. (Hubby and I were at Children's Hosp. with Noah(5mo. @ the time) for his surgery. Noah is now my 7 yr old home schooler!I love my home school friends!
This is a New tradition @ My Blue Bird Cottage (what we call our home)
It is a Heirloom Oak (there is a number on the bottom) nut bowl and cracker/pick set! I bought this @ Hubby's work auction for $5.00! There are slots in the bowl for the tools!

We ALL love the Christmas oranges.......easy to peel and fun to eat!

I love my hound dog......but I'm still waiting for Jacob to give him a bath!

I love dressing the girls up in their Christmas dresses. Lace socks and hair bows.....what a great time!
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Georgiann,
    May you and all of your family have a blessed Christmas..I don't want to forget to share that with you!


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