Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From The Outside Looking In.....

Picture was taken from our backyard looking into the kitchen as it was snowing......hubby is eating a late dinner.

Last night before bed, we got a bit of snow (about 5 inches)......but last night as we slept and this morning as I type this post it has sadly turned to a cold Northwest rain. Over the holiday my hubby had a guy come fix our gas fireplace. :)
It has been out of commission for about 3 years as the pilot light would not stay lite. We now have heat when the power goes out......which has happened 3X already this winter!
Well it is the middle of the week (and the middle of the month) and things here at the Bluebird Cottage are going great.
We all seemed have done quite well falling back into our daily routines after our 2 week break in December for Christmas and New Year. Well I have some chores to do and coffee to make so.......
I wish you a happy productive day!

Peace and Joy,


  1. Yep!! When we went to bed last night we had about 6 inches and were hoping for that lovely snowstorm all kids dream about - but - that gurgling in the rain gutters tipped me off before I even opened my eyes this morning :0(!!! So sad!!! Oh well, maybe there will be another chance!! Glad things are going well for all of you - we too have been fairly healthy this winter!!


  2. Hi dear one! :) I like your photo and your post..we have quite a bit of snow around here too. Lots of the country does, eh?! Kids have been out of most of the schools and there may be a 2 hour delay tomorrow. I guess its okay to sleep in! LOL...funny, I rarely do even if I can..just not me, I s'pose! Hugs to you, sweets and take care. Suz


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