Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Need Of Prayers

It was in the early am hours of Christmas Morning (12:30am) when I finally got the double lines on the test.
Yes.....a pregnancy test!  Baby # 7 was on its way. I almost missed the second line because I tossed the test stripe into the garbage BEFORE it was done. Then for some reason I pulled it back out....and was delighted to see 2 lines.
Yep, it had been 17 months of trying and hoping and praying!
Just to be totally sure I was pregnant I took another test at about 7:30 am Christmas Morning. This test was a digital one that would spell it out for you. PREGNANT! I peed in a cup then dipped the stick and quickly hid it in a drawer. Every few seconds I would peek into the drawer only to see a flashing hourglass. Then finally the word
PREGNANT appeared. I was in shock.....happy shock!
Hubby and I wanted to save the news for Valentines Day as then I would have been 12 weeks!

But here is were the prayer comes in..........

Yesterday at about 10:30 am I started to have bleeding. Later in the evening I had some mild cramping.
I have barely soaked a pad but have blood and mucus when I wipe.....every time.(sorry to be so graphic)
It has been 24 hours and my bleeding is the has not increased......but has not stopped.
I think I'm having my first miscarriage?????

My first Dr. visit is scheduled for Jan. 25. its going to be a long week and a half! :(
Has anyone out there had a miscarriage that could give me some advice or leave me a comment (and say if I can publish it or not) Does the bleeding act just like a regular period? When you think you are having a miscarriage should stay home? Could there be a large mass that comes out?
If you leave me a comment let me know if you want me to publish it. Otherwise I will just read it and answer you back in private.

 Has anyone had bleeding in the first 3 months 
and had a pregnancy continue normally?

Please Keep Me and Little one in your prayers.
{ I know God's will be done.........but please pray! Thanks}



  1. i have had some spoting in the first three months of all of my pregnancies, including this one.. but never more than enough to show blood when I wipe... usually not more than a drop or spot in my undies. You should call your doctor. I have never had a miscarriage, but since this is your first (miscarriage) and you are not sure whats going on, you should call and they'd probably get you in the doc sooner. Good luck and prayers! (publish this if you want)

  2. Dear Georgiann,
    i'm praying all is well, i've heard of woman having simillar bleeding and it was all ok.
    I had a miscarriage with my sixth pregnancy at almost 11 weeks, but that was more painfull, im my experience, than a normal delivery,
    i rang my midwife and she reccommended going to hospital if the bleeding was heavy or getting worse, otherwise i could wait it out till morning. (i could not)
    But i would say try to find a doctor who has an ultrasoundthing and tell you are really worried and maybe he/she will see you right away.
    {{}}big hug and a prayer whispered in your ear....

  3. Oh Georgiann...I remember a comment you left on my blog shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd (in early 2010) and knew you wanted another prengnancy then! I am sorry you are having bleeding. I will be praying. I started bleeding around 12 weeks and had placenta previa the entire pregnancy and it actually complicated and turned into vasa previa around 29 weeks. Our 3rd was delivered at 34 weeks gestation and was absolutely FINE, praise God! I was on bedrest and ended up in the hospital for the last month so they could keep a very close watch on us but all ended well. I was very scared when I first started bleeding but come to find out there are other reasons you could bleed besides miscarriage. I hope and pray the best outcome for you.
    You can publish this if you want.

  4. You could have placenta previa. This sounds much like my last pregnancy. Healthy baby girl born at 34 weeks!

  5. I had bleeding with two out of my four pregnancies. The two where I experienced bleeding was early in the pregnancy and yes the pregnancy continued healthy with no other complications.
    praying for you. :)

  6. Dear Georgiann!!! I am praying for you!!! I have had two miscarriages and both times started out with spotting then heavier bleeding. My doctor advised me to stay near home as it is possible to have heavy bleeding. My first miscarriage was at about 9 weeks and it was more like a heavy period. My second was at 11 weeks and was a lot more traumatic - more bleeding and clots and it also took about two weeks to complete but both times I did not have to go to the hospital. I am praying for you - it is a heartache and difficult to go through the uncertainty!! God is good and I know He will carry you through this time!!!

    Praying and sending hugs,

  7. (((hugs))) you and your family are in my prayers!

    I've had spotting (not soaking a pad) for all three of my pregnancies with my children.

    I also had a very early-term miscarriage last summer; I would have been about 5 weeks pregnant. The miscarriage was like a very heavy period. If memory serves it lasted about 2 weeks and was very crampy and clotty. What made me realize it was a miscarriage was when I started having uterine contractions that reminded me of labor. I realized then that I had been pregnant and was actually having a miscarriage. The following month was a similar period of cramping and heavy bleeding with clots. After that my body had cleared my uterus and my cycles returned to normal.

    I never went to see the doctor with the miscarriage, but was careful to look for signs of infection. Seeing none I decided to let my body do its work.

    But we also choose to birth at home and had our last child at home unassisted.

    Many women prefer to seek medical attention. I'd say listen to your body and intuition and do what is right for your family.

  8. Dear Georgiann,
    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this at the moment. I have been praying for you. I have never experienced a miscarriage but did experience a bleed during my second pregnancy at 6 weeks. I don't remember much about the experience now other than it being very much like the start of a period with bright red blood so I'm probably not much help. I remember being frantic - at home with no car, could not get hold of my husband so a friend took me to my doctor. He thought it was the start of a miscarriage but did send me for a ultrasound and there was my baby's heartbeat. I do remember him telling me that some women bleed each month when their period is due right through pregnancy and I asked God not to let this happen to me. I was so thankful that He answered this prayer. I had bleeding at 32 weeks during my first pregnancy, the ultrasound revealed all was well and doctors could find no reason whatsoever for the bleed and allowed me to go home.
    The Lord is with you every step of the way.

  9. Praying to the Lord and Blessed Mother for you and your family.

  10. Hi Georgiann, I just emerged back into blogland and saw your comment on my nursing post, thank you! And then I come here and find you are pregnant! Yaa! My mother has something like this when she was pregnant with me. It was more than just spotting. Obviously it worked out! But she did see a doctor and they may have even given her something for it, but I'm not sure. You could always just go in and see what they say. I'm sure the doctor would fit you in if you tell them what is happening. You can still make your own decisions about what to do next. Blessings to you-Love, K

  11. Hi Georgiann,

    You and baby will be in my prayers today. Please call me after 4 or I will try calling you. Rest, drink lots of water, and drink some red raspberry leaf tea (I like Natural Medicinals).



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