Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St.Valentines Day~

North Dakota House passes bill criminalizing killing unborn from conception.!

Today was the day we were supposed to announce to the kids and world we were"pregnant"!
I do hold onto hope that we will one day be able to make a pregnancy announcement sometime
 in the future!

We had our Valentines celebration dinner last night as today, hubby and my oldest have baseball.
Yesterday, here in the Pacific NW it was sunny ......not our usual rain and wind!
(yucky weather is the forecast for the rest of the week)


I took a ton of pictures of my day and the LOVE that was shared.
I watched out my kitchen window as the kiddos played in the warm sun.
I opened up the windows of the house and let the breeze drift in.
I put my "fresh cut grass" Scentsy wax in my warmer! :) sigh*
I washed my bedding and hung it out on the clothes line.
I had tea and cookies with a Church friend and talked about my miscarriage.......
Noah and I dipped strawberries in chocolate to eat at our special dinner.

I cooked marinated steak on the grill and made Prickly Pear Cooler for us all to drink....its made by Tastefully Simple!  Its so pink and boy is it delish!

Our family meal was fun and special......time spent together..... a clean table...good food. What can be better? sigh***

Jarett our oldest is missing from the table.....he had baseball training!

Last night I stayed up way to late to start a NEW BLOG.
My new blog will be MY place to write about my miscarriage and journey through my grief.
My blog here The Garden Gate is my main blog and I will still post here.  On occasion I will talk about my loss of baby Christian as it is and will always be a part of my life, but I felt I needed a place just for Christian and those feelings.
 The Garden Gate is my happy place!

After staying up way to late........I came to bed to find 2 kiddos and a Pillow Pet not in THEIR spots, but in mine! I do love the family bed.......but their NEEDS to be room for momma
in her own bed! sigh**

Have a peaceful day FILLED with LOVE!!!!!



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