Monday, February 21, 2011


Well 2 of my kiddos went with my sister {their Auntie} and her hubby to  go snowboarding up at the local MT.
I pray they are having a fun but safe time sliding down the MT.......but with boys its hard to imagine both fun and safe at the same time! lol I'm sure my sister won't let them do anything stupid!

So while a few of my kiddos are gone with my sis and another few off playing with friends, I am going to attempt to rearrange the living room. I started stirring things around already but think I will snap a picture of the before. It will be more dramatic that know more of a mess! It should look way better in the after pic. or so I hope?
Well I guess I better quit stalling and get busy?
The way my mind seems to work is......stir stuff around for a bit......trying to get an idea of where to put what....get the creative juices flowing, then get confused and not know what to do next as I sit it a messy pile of stuff!

Do any of you do the same thing? or I'm I the only one?

OK wish me luck and say a few prayers........I am off to get to work!


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  1. Georgiann,
    I always get way more done when there are less people about too. You'd think that more hands would be more help but not so around here--at least when I get serious about cleaning and mixing things up!! :-) It's more like more people to trip over!!

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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