Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowy Day Fun~

I pray you are having a wonderful day~
Today schools are 2 hours late and there is no I invited one of Jackies friends over for a play date.....the mom and I are friends too. So I guess I have a playdate as well.
My house is a bit of a mess......a bit beyond the 10 second tidy. She won't be here for a few hours, so I do have some time.....but I better get off the computer and get started here in a minute!
I think I will pop a pineapple upside down cake in the oven for us to snack on later.
I can smell it cooking already......
Hot bubbley butter and brown sugar.......sweet pineapple and yellow cake....**sigh**
Well my son just came in the door and said,
"the bus driver would not let me on the bus with my hot cocoa"!!!
Go figure?
I told him she wouldn't but he asured me that was not so!
Now I'm off to clear my van of snow and drive him to school!
OH the joys of motherhood......***BIG SMILE*** sigh

Peace and Love,

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