Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Bug Is Gone~

Well I'm happy to report that we are all finally feeling better. Jackie had the bug for 10 days. The final days were fine by day sick by night? I pray its now over. The bug is gone!

The other bug that is gone is the "I want to move to the OLD VICTORIAN".
The sun has been out on and off....I can feel spring starting to show it beautiful face. I have now fallen in love with my own house again. We have plans to make it shabby chic or cottage style on the inside! When the economy gets better we plan to add on out the back.

We want to add a large sun room full of windows and a french door out to the patio. The sun room add on will be off my current dinning room. So my current dinning area would be a high traffic area and need to be moved (just the table). Above the sun space we would add two new bedrooms on the upper level,and a second set of stairs in the sun room to take you up. You would land in a new hall way. Once up, the bedrooms would be on the left. On the right a french door (where the large window is now) into a large family room (its currently a bdrm).

Down stairs I will change my main living room into my very large main dinning room. It has a fire place and is the main room down stairs. I will fill it with 2 or 3 large dish hutches and our large dining table thats seats 10. It is curently in out kitchen/dining rm. It will be great as we are a family of 8 and when we have more than 2 guests there is no more space at the table.

I have started a 3rd blog "My Garden Cottage". I have not posted on it just yet as I was setting the basics yesterday. The blog will house all my before and after pictures of craft projects and home improvements. I will feature furniture makeovers and creative ways to use thrift store finds! I'm very excited!

Blog #2 that I have is "The Rustic Kitchen" its a recipe blog...I don't post much on it. I have many photos and the recipes to add.

And of course my first and main blog "The Garden Gate". That is where I will post most often!

Peace and Prayers,


  1. Your ideas and dream plans are so special! I love shabby chick! What I mean by that, is a piece of this or that, my own "favorite things," that I can find inexpensively, and colors. Its me, you know. I have a box like house on the outside, but it would be foolish to sell a house and try to find something that we'd end up having to pay a monthly payment for now and at our age..that is silly, really. The next place we would or should move to might be a much smaller abode. For now, I have a colorful "Mexican" flare family/office,grandkids room. Crista's bedroom is lavendar with white furniture and green and blue accents. The living and dining room have old and newer pieces of furniture and lots of my favorite knick knacks and religious pictures and things. I have a lovely corner cabinet, piano, and old Victrola in these rooms. My kitchen is pale green and, brown, and white and my accents are a big mix match that remind me of a mom/grandmotherly 40's or 50's style and I love all kinds of tablecloths! My son's room is red, white and blue and the main bath is a collection from a trip to Florida years ago with all kinds of ocean stuff, shells, and nautical things with some photos from that wonderful trip. Teresa's room is powder blue with white furnishings and all of her lovely collectibles which she refuses to let go of. Our bedroom has tiny pink romantic floral in both that and the bath. Still, I plan to repaint all that in due time...think I'll go for limes, whites, pale blues, and cheery yellow. We also have two other beige and the other lime and white trim. Still, my favorite room right now is my "lighthouse/seaside" den that was renovated into a guest type room. It has the fireplace and is a large room with a livingroom area in front of the fireplace and a bedroom area at the other end and I have a lovely big wooden cabinet with lots of my small favorite things on it. The floors down there are a lovely laminate that we've had lots of compliments on for the choice. Anyway, what you want will be fun...I think more people should do this instead of picking some new thing with everything all ready and waiting, but little personality..well little of their own personality.
    I know you'll have fun. :)

  2. I really like the old homes with the high ceillings and moldings! So I have plans to create what I want! From time to time come check out my other blog...My Garden Cottage~ Just go to my profile and click on it!

  3. Your plans sound exciting. It's great to fall in love again with something you already have. I had that same feeling after we decided to stay in our home. Look forward to the new blog :) Good to hear everyone is well.


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