Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We will be in the kitchen cooking and baking today! The girls and I will be making sugar cookies and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!

For dinner my Hubby and I will be having steak,bake potato and salad! I usually feed the kids homemade pizza or Pappa Murphy's but this year I think I will make chicken nuggets and homemade mac and cheese for them! I am straying from tradition this year..I wonder which of the kiddos will say something first?

In our home Valentines day is a day to celebrate the love of family....not just romantic love! We make the place settings special with the fancy stemware and special drinks. One year I made watermelon Italian sodas! I got the syrup from my local coffee hut! She sold it to me at cost! The red syrup looked very festive in the large clear tulip glasses!

I always line the center of the table with primroses and use my white table linens!
I love being together with all my kiddos and Hubby on Valentines day and creating special family memories and traditions!

It is up to us Mommas to create the mood in our home! We set the tone,the attitude. Mom's are the ones that bring forth the traditions that make our homes special and unique! Your kids will remember what it was that made their house a home, just ask them! You may even be surprised that each child has a different answer,depending on what is important to him or her and their personality!

Traditions can give a child a sense of belonging, something that they can count on!
At Thanksgiving every year my job was to open the cranberries,my sister made the potatoes! We still have those memories! That's what traditions are meant to create!

If you would like to share any of your traditions please do!

I pray all is well with everyone!

Now its off to the kitchen with the girls go get things ready for tonight!


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  1. You have a sweet looking family!! Hope you all had a great day yesterday making precious memories!


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