Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look Who Going To Be On TV!

I wanted to let everyone know the Crockpot Lady is going to be on Good Morning America this Thursday Feb 19! How exciting!
She has a blog full of crock pot recipes and will be cooking one up on live TV in NY.
I can hardly wait to see what she makes!

I love to use my crock pots as well...I have 5 of them (in 3 sizes)and use one about 4 days a week! Its nice to have dinner ready at the end of a busy day! Its also fun to let the kiddos help cook...they feel like a super chef!

The Crockpot Lady has many yummy recipes (many are gluten free) on her blog and is a terrific source of fresh ideas for the greatest appliance in the kitchen the crockpot...the dishwasher comes in close at second!

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  1. Thanks! What a great idea! I like using the crockpot, but now I'll use it more!


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