Thursday, February 19, 2009


What a great helper my little one is in the kitchen! She had an awesome time dipping strawberries in chocolate and eatting them! Mom had a fun time taking pictures!

What a great reward after a long day...boy this is yummy!


  1. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Things got a whole lot busier after Kohen was born and now we have a 3 wk old meth baby that has had alot of issues. Throw in homeschooling the 2 older, a 2yr old & a 3 yr old I barely have time to think!
    Facebook seems to be more my style. Do you know if any of the blog roll has a facebook?

  2. Its Great to hear all is well!
    I love coming to your blog! I love your first song on your play list!
    It so goes with the pictures of your 3yr old running around! And your boy is holding a bug other boys (mine) and only envy! LOL

    Well have a blessed week! Thanks for writing to let me know all is well! Just busy...I will pray for the Meth Baby in your care. (AND the rest of your family)


  3. What cute pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- nice to "meet" you!!


  4. Your lil ones make me miss my lil ones..year ago. I loved coming up to em and kissing their lil cute cheeks. This one always makes me think of my Teresa. Anyway, she takes care of lots of lil ones about that age now! Isn't it funny how things work out. She is a daycare teacher of 3 yr. olds at our parish.
    I wish that no child had to go to daycare, but if they do, its great to have a teacher like Miss Teresa, as she is called. Just yesterday, a couple of parents came up and asked if I was "Miss Teresa's mom?" I said, I sure was and I was paid a very high compliment as they told me I had raised a wonderful young woman!
    Well, that was really something I needed to hear! :) Still, she's sweet just all by herself, cause she loves Jesus. :)

  5. She is adorable, and I've enjoyed the babies at the top of your blog.


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