Monday, February 16, 2009

A Fun Day In The Kitchen!

We all had a very loving Valentines day! It was filled with fun activities and good food! We sat around the table enjoying the fruits of our labor and took turns telling one thing we loved about each family member! The younger ones faces glowed as there siblings spoke kind words to them! My face was glowing just as much to see the LOVE and hear what each child held dear about their Sib's! Yes,I had a MOM moment!

The whole evening brought such JOY to my heart! I thoroughly had the time of my life taking photo's of the kiddos! It felt like a photo shoot! The girls were dipping strawberries in chocolate and decorating cookies!

Well the kiddos are off school today, the house is a mess and I need to go to the store.
My sister took the 2 oldest boys (14 and 12)yesterday (Sunday) for pizza and a spend the nighter. Today she is taking them for a snowboard lesson! Its their first time...I bet they are having a blast! I can't wait to hear how it went!

Well I better go for is calling! The baby is needing a bath and the laundry is always waiting there like a loyal friend! LOL
Hope you remember to find the JOY in your life today!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Darn, it wasn't there after it loaded. Tried a couple of times. Maybe it was my MAC computer??? It sounded like a lovely day. What a nice tradition to stop and be thankful for the greatest gift - each family member. You sound like you are raising very sweet children. Great job! I love your red clogs below - adorable are those.

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  3. Hi Georgiann - Suzanne told me of your trouble with the horrible commentor - I think putting your comments on modification status helps as does not allowing anonymous comments - but I just wanted to tell you not to worry - it's always smarter to be safe and not too revealing no matter whether or not you get some bad comments - but one bad one once in awhile isn't anything to worry about. We all get them. Just delete it and forget it - if you consistently get them, especially from the same person, perhaps a little more investigation into it would be warranted - we call these idiots "trolls" that just like to bother people with their disgusting behavior.

    Take care and God bless.

  4. A great blog..Or blogs you have!
    I love your me description on your other blog saying you let God have his way and lead you.
    It is in him that we trust.
    I will be back to visit again soon...Lovin what I am reading!

  5. Thanks Alexa for coming by! I do appriciate your support. Great advice. My comments are now on moderatation status!

    Today is another day and God tells us not to worry. I will leave the matter in his hands!

    Cupcake Girl~
    Thanks for coming by! I likewise enjoyed your blog! Very nice I will be back soon!


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